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Serving Naperville and surrounding areas.
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Aurora Elderly Home Care

The Benefits of Elderly Home Care in Aurora, IL

Our elders need and deserve attention from us, their family. While most prefer to spend their precious time close to family and friends, making decisions about where to seek care assistance is a major responsibility for us when the time comes that they need extra support.

As a direct relative or family member, it is very challenging for us to provide proper care due to our busy schedules filled with other commitments to jobs and our own families. We are often unable to provide enough time, care, and attention that our elders need. Moreover, we don’t have the skills to provide the best care possible. However, here in Aurora, IL, there are options to choose from in providing care assistance for the elderly. While there are many benefits provided by assisted care facilities, caregivers provided by home care services are an even better option for our elders who are more comfortable at home than in an assisted care facility.

Here are some important advantages of having elderly home care assistance:

Home Care is Much More Affordable than an Assisted Care Facility

Some seniors prefer to move into assisted care facilities, but this option is often very expensive. On the other hand, staying at home with home care assistance helps you save money while still getting the same care and attention that they need and more.

Based on surveys conducted throughout the United States, most seniors prefer to stay at home and say that they receive top-quality care assistance from expert caregivers. From a financial perspective, paying a care giver in hourly rate will be much cheaper than making your family member a resident at a care facility. Additionally, since care givers usually have flexible work hours, you are not accountable to a monthly or yearly contract.

Home Care Assistance Gives More Comfort to Your Loved One

Moving to another place of residence requires great effort and has many challenges, especially for elders. Moving into an assisted care home can be stressful to elderly as they adjust to their new environment. They also need to blend with other residents and build new relationships, and some might find these tasks very challenging.

Staying at home, however, is the often most comfortable option for elders. They can stay connected to the things they value most. Their friends and families are just nearby and will be able to provide any type of support they may need. This close connection to loved ones will also help them manage health issues through continued emotional, psychological or even financial support. The comfort they get in staying at home cannot be compared to services received while staying in other places. 

Personalized Care and Attention

An assisted care facility has many staff helping residents, but there is no guarantee that the care and attention given to our loved ones would be enough at all times. This is the main difference between assisted care facilities and a home care services. Home caregivers can give more than enough care and attention to a loved one. Your loved one will be their focus and center of attention. Since a home caregiver is provided individually, your loved one will receive personalized care and develop a close relationship with their caregiver. In addition to meeting your loved one’s needs, this personalized care will help keep your loved one from feeling lonely.

Your Loved One Will Maintain Independence

It is expected from sales people at assisted care facilities to tell you that your loved one will remain independent in their facility; however, this is often not the case. Many elders worry more about their independence in an assisted care facility because they cannot keep the same routines they had in their own home. This is one of the reasons why most seniors prefer to stay at home as they age.

When the elderly are able to maintain their independence, they feel proud of themselves. They are also proud of their homes and feel more relaxed. They also want to retain the social circles they built for a very long time and want to enjoy the good relationships with people in the community where they are used to living.

Family is Close at Hand in Aurora, IL

The elderly are the people who value family bonds the most. In this stage of their lives, our loved ones need the emotional support from their family members. As a family member, we have the responsibility to show our love and gratitude to our elders. There are no visiting hour restrictions on family when a loved one stays at home.

Caregivers are not just responsible for helping your loved one in your loved one’s home. They also act as a family member and provide crucial emotional support throughout the care process. Part of receiving care involves creating and maintain good communication with your loved one. This is very attainable when you have a caregiver at home for your loved one rather than in a care facility.

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