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Taking care Of An Elderly Parent In Warrenville Il

As we grow older in age, the reality becomes obvious that one day we will be the one taking care of our parents. Your dad that is so quick to pick you up when you fall now becomes dependent and your mom - ever loving and kind gone from being an independent person and transitioning into a frail looking and easily confused and forgetful person. It’s difficult to watch this happen - meaning they can no longer live on their own. Heartbreaking as it may be, it’s something the vast majority of us will have to endure.

At times, having a nice time on a 'good day' can prove difficult, coupled with the extra emotional stress of taking care of an elderly parent. Watching them go from becoming inactive in their golden years can be painful for them as well as for you. While some parents refuse to admit they need help and don’t want to be a burden on you or lose their independent, the truth is, when you find yourself in this condition, some questions like, where they will live? (assisted facility center or home care), can you afford it? etc., and many more worries will occupy your mind.

One of the best ways to deal with taking care of an elderly parent would be to talk with them on how they would want to live. Some elderly parents already made plans on how they prefer to live when they grow old - some may want to stay in their own home for as long as possible and prefer to engage the service of home caregivers while others may prefer to live in assisted facilities which is another great option for those who don’t like the idea of living alone.

Here are some other ways to help taking care of elderly parent

  • Another way to taking care of your elderly parent (so as not to suffered injury) is to make some small adjustment in the house for instance, you need to remove any kind of clustered furniture lying around the house that might hinder the free movement of the senior. You can install a grab bars close to the toilet and shower.
  • Install non-slippery mats or pads in the toilets and bathrooms including every other slippery part of the house.
  • Night lights are important and needs to be installed in strategic places within the house so that when the elder decides to perform some night activities like going to the toilet or fetching water, they can find their way around the house with ease.
  • Also ensure that all your house cables and wires are properly arranged and kept from preventing accidental falls.

Although you might want to be with your loved ones every moment, at times distance or workload can really hinder such visits, in such a situation, hiring a professional hand for instance a home care assistance from a reputable agency can be very helpful. Such assistant can help with chores at home or can help the senior by being a companion or even take them to see their doctor in cases of emergencies.