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Serving Naperville and surrounding areas.
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Benefits of Elderly Home Care Against Retirement Homes in Bloomington IL

When there are signs that your aged loved ones need help with personal care, then it’s time to decide their future - either to commit them to a Retirement home or hire a personal home caregiver to attend to them.

Elderly home care in Bloomington IL is the best alternative for the over-all well-being of seniors who are not totally handicapped and do not need round the clock monitoring. Maybe your senior is ill and is not able to perform some activities without the assistance of another person or is just recovering from illness and need a companion to help him with personal care including light retirement, medication and some light mental and physical therapy, the elderly home care comes handy in these cases.

If you are having difficulty deciding which option to choose from - elderly home caregiver or a retirement home, here are some benefits you get when you hire an elderly home care provider to look after your aged loved ones.

  1. Unlike the retirement home, homecare does not take away their sense of independence and freedom as they grow older. This option may be best because your loved ones have the freedom to leave the comfort of their homes and go wherever they please and, they can decide to take their meals when they are hungry as opposed to when meals are served to them in a retirement center. Having to keep and maintain this type of freedom is important and losing such privilege can be devastating.
  2. The thought of losing their personal priceless possession can be a bit frightening. While most elderly living in retirement homes or elderly care centers do not enjoy the luxury of bringing in their most cherished possessions (except just a few things) because of being moved to a smaller space. Also, most nursing homes or retirement centers do not allow the elderly to keep pets that they have been attached to - but at home seniors can keep their pets which has been scientifically proven to reduce stress.
  3. One disadvantage of living in a retirement home is the risk of contaminating diseases due to seniors living in cramped quarters with many other people with similar disabilities. Living at home and receiving care can help seniors stay healthier as they won’t be subjected to such germs found in crowded places
  4. Some retirement centers are very costly and sometimes their location might be far from convenient. In such cases family members might be discouraged from visiting their loved ones. Also, some seniors who have paid off their mortgage might be at a disadvantage when they are moved from their home to a new assisted living facility center to spend the rest of their life there. With the few exceptions, hiring an elderly home caregiver is much less expensive.
  5. Studies reveal that most elderly who live at home are far happier than they would be if they are relocated to a retirement facility. True comfort for the elderly lies in living at home to receive elderly home care.

There are many services that the home caregivers can render to your loved ones that would make them happy, such as washing their laundry, cleaning the house and running errands. These chores may prove to be difficult to handle for many seniors but can easily be managed by a home caregiver. So, if your aged loved one wants to live at home, honoring such a request through the help of a home caregiver is easier than before.

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