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​Technology for Seniors Is Showing Up Everywhere

There are some who say technology is not for the elderly. The popular opinion is that those who are aging cannot understand how computers, the internet, virtual reality, and other 21st-century gadgets function. But this idea cannot be entirely accurate since many retirement homes, senior living communities, and families are offering seniors technology that will assist in providing for their needs and will make their lives run more smoothly.

In Ohio, according to The Columbus Dispatch, one senior living care community offers every resident an iPad equipped with appropriate technology, along with training for using the tablet. Independent living takes on a new twist when everything the senior needs is right there in front of them at the push of a button.

Another senior housing organization in Durham, North Carolina, uses technology to improve patients’ holistic health by monitoring their daily programs, their meal consumption, and additional aspects of their bodies, minds, and spiritual status. The tracking is possible through the use of a new electronic health record system, says Missy Schrott of the Alexandria Times.

The hearing technology company Eversound, based in Boston, in partnership with a California-based care provider Silverado, has produced wireless headphone systems that are affordable, easy-to-use and operate, and difficult to lose. Silverado senior vice-president, Kathy Greene, said “we’re very excited to be adopting Eversound’s technology as a way to add a new dimension to the engagements our residents enjoy.”

Physicians have noted that hearing loss can lead to depression, mental decline, and social isolation.  But, older adults, thanks to this innovative technology, can receive enhanced listening experiences compared with traditional hearing aids. Activities such as movies, presentations, concerts will allow those with hearing impairments to overcome the barriers that come with decreased hearing function.

The wonders of today’s technology do not go unnoticed by many first-class senior care institutions. These experts in the field keep a close watch on technological introductions that can help the aging population and stay on the alert for any new offerings that appear.