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Serving West Jacksonville and surrounding areas.
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Serving West Jacksonville and surrounding areas.
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Social Distancing

Social Distancing-is it dragging you down? I, who am a total introvert and truly love to be by myself am feeling overwhelmed at this point.  The four walls feel like they are closing in on me. I have watched so much TV and read so many books, I feel like my eyes are falling out of my head! But get this, I can still go outside in my backyard and be around nature; I can still take walks with my dog every day.  So, I will get through this the same as most of you.

What if you are elderly and have no one to come visit you?  How do you think the elderly are doing during this time?  Can they get outside to walk their neighborhoods? Most can’t.  Can they feel safe going to the grocery store? Probably not.  They can’t visit their friends and family as much as everyone else can right now.  Most do not get on the internet or use Facebook to stay in contact with everyone. 

My mom is 85, hard of hearing and has arthritis. She is having a very hard time right now dealing with the fear and isolation all of us are feeling but she has no support close by.  She lives in Virginia while I’m here in Jacksonville Florida.  Do you have a parent or relative living here in the Jacksonville Florida area facing the same fears as my mom?  Please reach out to us, we can help. We can get your relatives groceries along with providing safe championship to help them get through this very hard time.  Give us a call, 904-779-5515.