Ladies, Are You Overwhelmed? | Senior Helpers of West Jacksonville
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Serving West Jacksonville and surrounding areas.
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Serving West Jacksonville and surrounding areas.
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Ladies, Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?

By Sheree Ellingson, Owner of Senior Helpers and Expert on Senior Care

I know the feeling, being pulled in so many directions all the time.  Working, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, taking care of your family and on top of that; having to help your mom/dad. So many of us are having the same struggle, you are not alone. My personal struggle is taking care of my mom 650 miles away from me. Wow! That makes it even harder.

Most days I don’t know if I’m coming or going. To top it off, it feels as though the time I have spent researching ways to help my mom falls on deaf ears. She doesn’t want MY help it seems; she just wants to complain. Do you ever feel the same way?  I think most of the time it comes down to mother/daughter relationships. I know my mom loves me as I love her, but she just cannot believe that I do know and understand what she is facing.

I have been the owner of Senior Helpers of West Jacksonville for 11 years now; I work for seniors who are facing every imaginable health issue and we help them to enjoy their day, to get the most from every day we get to spend with them.  We are constantly researching, studying and improving our ways in order to be the best home health care company there is.

If you are having some of the same struggles with your mom/dad, we can help. We do understand what you are going through as well as we understand what your parent is facing.  Let us help you and your parents navigate this difficult struggle.