4 Surprising Signs of Diabetes That Can Come Up During the Holidays
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4 Surprising Signs of Diabetes That Can Come Up During the Holidays

Age comes with various health challenges, such as diabetes. Statistics show that over 33% of adults above 65 years live with this condition. Further, it occurs when the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin or the body cannot appropriately use the insulin generated. As a family member planning a holiday event that involves senior loved ones, one may come across seniors with potential signs of diabetes.

Identifying the symptoms of diabetes will help family members avoid potential emergencies. It can also help manage family dinners by ensuring no one needs to worry about blood sugar complications during the celebrations.

Most Common Symptoms and Signs of Diabetes

There are multiple symptoms of undiagnosed diabetes. Here are the key symptoms that suggest a senior could be living with the condition.

1. Frequent Urination Is the Earliest Sign of Diabetes

High blood sugar levels cause the kidneys to remove excess sugar when filtered out of the blood. This causes an individual to urinate frequently. Frequent urination is one of the most common signs of diabetes. If a senior constantly urinates at night or during the day, even without consuming a lot of water, this could be an early sign of diabetes.

2. Increased Thirst

During holiday celebrations, it is common for people to dine and drink. But if a senior feels thirsty more often than normal, they may have an underlying issue. Frequently urination pulls valuable fluids from the body tissues when a senior continuously feels thirsty. Seniors with diabetes may also exhibit other signs like irritated eyes, dry mouth, and unquenchable thirst because their kidneys use too much water to filter out excessive blood sugar.

3. Extreme Fatigue

While holiday celebrations come with many activities that can make a senior loved one feel tired, in extreme cases, the senior may feel too tired to remain active for any celebrations. If this happens, there could be an underlying issue, like diabetes. Extreme fatigue is a common symptom of undiagnosed diabetes due to increased blood sugar levels, which make the body work hard and get rid of excessive sugar. This process leaves the body tired, which may cause a senior to sleep often.

4. Frequent Hunger Could Be a Sign of Diabetes

There is no shame in seniors taking their meals to their satisfaction. However, if the senior keeps getting hungry and asking for more food during the celebrations, this could indicate undiagnosed diabetes. Frequent hunger occurs because there is an insufficient movement of glucose from the bloodstream to the body cells. This causes individuals with diabetes to feel hungry no matter how frequently they eat.

Early Diagnosis Is Important

If a senior loved one exhibits any of these symptoms and symptoms of diabetes during the holiday celebrations, seek medical care immediately. A doctor can help determine the underlying issue and guide the senior on the possible treatment options.

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