7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home's Air Quality if You're at Risk of COPD
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Serving Sarasota and surrounding areas.
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7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home's Air Quality if You're at Risk of COPD

The air we breathe affects our overall health. This is especially true for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Poor indoor air quality can create an unhealthy living environment for anyone and increase the risk of respiratory illness. Poor air quality for people living with COPD can further damage their lungs and create an unhealthy living environment. Luckily, there are many things you can do to improve your home's air quality and protect yourself and your loved ones.

Air Quality and COPD

Many contaminants can be released into the air as we go about our day-to-day activities, without us even being aware. Some of these pollutants stay indoors and remain present until corrective measures are taken to clear them out. Our respiratory system is particularly sensitive to harmful particles that enter the lungs. Because COPD is a progressive lung disease that makes it difficult to breathe, air quality is particularly important for seniors living with COPD.

Common Indoor Pollutants

Indoor air pollution is generated by emissions from such as cleaning agents, fuels, and cigarette smoke. These substances can remain airborne for long periods if they are not properly contained. Dust mites can also remain present in fabrics and carpets. Mold and mildew are also common causes of poor air quality. Common sources of indoor air pollutants include furniture polish sprays, and aerosol cans filled with toxic chemicals. Other less-known culprits like scented plug-in diffusers can add harmful compounds that increase our exposure to toxic particles.

Easy Ways to Improve Your Home's Air Quality

Keep Your Home Clean

This includes scrubbing countertops, vacuuming carpets, wiping furniture surfaces with appropriate products, and washing bedding. Cleaning can help make sure mold doesn't form and keep dust mites to a minimum.

Use an Air Purifier

Air purifiers increase indoor air quality by trapping airborne particles. Keep in mind that a purifier won't eliminate all impurities inside your home. Regular maintenance will still be needed.

Change Your Air Filters Regularly

Yearly replacements of HVAC filters can ensure proper ventilation. Having pets or smokers at home can increase requirements for filter changes. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to make sure your HVAC system is working properly.

Open Windows Often

Natural airflow exchanges stale air from indoors for a fresh breeze outside Place plants near opened windows too: Certain plants can capture harmful chemicals and pull them from the air.

Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors  

Carbon monoxide poisoning presents itself slowly without warning signs so monitoring devices should always be installed near bedrooms. Regular checkups are advised at least once a year to ensure they function properly according to manufacturer recommendations.   

Keep Humidity Levels Low 

High humidity can make your home susceptible to mold and mildew, which in turn decrease air quality. Keeping dehumidifiers in frequently humid parts of your house will help ensure air quality stays high.  

Utilize Natural Air Fresheners

Natural products offer safe alternatives to air fresheners that may end up making your house smell good but add harmful particles to the air.

Learn How Senior Helpers Sarasota-Bradenton Can Help Improve Your Home's Air Quality

Maintaining good air quality is vital for senior adults living with or at risk of COPD. Keeping your home clean, maintained, and well-ventilated is the first step toward improving indoor air quality. Other tools like purifiers and dehumidifiers can also help. If your senior needs in-home assistance cleaning, setting up an air purifier, or basic household tasks, contact Senior Helpers Sarasota-Bradenton today. We offer personalized caregiving services for senior citizens in and around the Sarasota, Bradenton, Longboat Key, and Siesta Key areas.