5 Home Changes to Keep Seniors Warm and Safe This Winter
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Serving Sarasota and surrounding areas.
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5 Home Changes to Keep Seniors Warm and Safe This Winter

5 Home Changes to Keep Seniors Warm and Safe This Winter

Seniors living in Sarasota, Florida, or its surroundings will experience mild winter with daytime temperatures around 77 degrees and nighttime temperatures around 65 degrees. However, Sarasota and its surroundings can also experience short cold spells in which the temperature may be much lower. Snowfall, however, is very rare; the last time this area experienced snowfall was in 1989.

How to Make Sure Seniors Are Warm and Safe This Winter

Although winters in Sarasota and its surrounding areas are mild, it may be a good idea to make some changes in the home to ensure that the senior is warm enough at night and during those cold spells. Here are some tips that will ensure that your senior stay warm and safe this winter:

  1. Winterize the Home

In general, this means sealing up any cracks around doors and windows or anywhere else that drafts might be coming from. It's also possible to hang heavy drapes in front of windows and doors to keep out cold air. This will work as long as the edges of the doors and windows are also covered, as this is where the cold air tends to seep in the most. If the senior tends to feel the draft at night, then this will make them more comfortable.

  1. Get the Roof Inspected

Broken or missing shingles can let the cold air in. And if there's mold or decay on the roof, then there's a great chance of shingles falling off. Get this inspected and fixed so that the cold air doesn't seep in at night and make the senior uncomfortable.

  1. Get the Chimney Cleaned

If the senior lives in a home with a fireplace and chimney, then it's a good idea to get the chimney cleaned. This can help remove creosote buildup and prevent fires. It's also possible to get a chimney balloon to plug the chimney if it's not in use.

  1. Check/Install Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Often, seniors tend to keep the windows and doors closed, especially if the weather is cold. Carbon monoxide is released by most heaters, in small amounts. But if the doors and windows are closed, then it can build up and cause carbon monoxide poisoning. So it's a good idea to install carbon monoxide alarms if they aren't set up already, or check the ones that are already installed to make sure they are working properly.

  1. Prevent Fires

There are certain fire hazards in the winter. One of them is the traditional Christmas tree on which people hang lights. The lights may get too hot and set fire to the wood of the tree. A better option is to use an artificial tree. Space heaters placed next to drapery or using a fireplace can also lead to a fire. Make sure that all space heaters are far away from flammable materials and be sure to turn off/extinguish a fireplace before sleeping. Keep a fire extinguisher on hand, just in case there is a fire.

How Can a Caregiver Help a Senior in the Winter Months?

There are many steps adult children can take to keep their senior parents safe this winter in Sarasota, Bradenton, Longboat Key, or Siesta Key. If adult children are still concerned about winter hazards in any of these areas, they can also get a caregiver from Senior Helpers Sarasota-Bradenton to help the seniors get around, keep them comfortable and keep them away from winter hazards such as fires and carbon monoxide.

Contact us to learn more about keeping a senior in Sarasota or its surrounding areas safe and comfortable this winter.