Fun Day Trips for Seniors in Your Area This Summer
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Serving Hillsborough and surrounding areas.
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Serving Hillsborough and surrounding areas.
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Fun Day Trips for Seniors in Your Area This Summer

Summer is here, and it's time to spend quality moments outdoors. However, while various summer activities keep people entertained, all may not be suitable for older adults. Therefore, when choosing summer activities or day trips for seniors, you must consider different factors for your loved ones. Ideally, the older population needs to stay active by engaging in low-impact exercises, social interaction, as well as psychological stimulation. This should be in a safe and familiar location. Here are some exciting day trips for seniors in your area this summer.

Senior Helpers of Hillsborough County

Senior Helpers of Hillsborough provides non-medical in-home care to the following areas;

  • Riverview
  • Sun City Center
  • Tampa
  • Lithia
  • Valrico 
  • Brandon 

They have trained caregivers to handle all the day-to-day activities and take good care of your loved ones at home.

Fun Day Trips for Seniors This Summer

When choosing a day trip for your loved one, it's critical to consider their cognitive level and physical ability. Here are some considerations.

David A Straz Center

Seniors who love arts can spend their summer at David A Straz Center. It's a non-profit performing arts venue and art education center in Tampa. Here, seniors can enjoy broadway shows, orchestra bands, as well as daily operas. David A Straz Center also offers opportunities that bridge the generation divides between adult children, grandchildren, and seniors through art. The venue invigorates mental stimulation and creative thinking and expands world views.

International Independent Showmen's Museum

Want to get a glimpse of carnival life? Tour the International Independent Showmen's Museum in Riverview. Seniors can view numerous exhibits of memorabilia, photographs, as well as artifacts of the carnivals' history.  Moreover, this unique museum hosts trade shows, events, and exciting circuses throughout the summer, making it one of the perfect day trips for seniors. They can also enter and walk through the antique wagons and trailers to experience how the carnival folks lived.

Brooker Creek Preserve

Nature walks are also great for seniors as they minimize bone loss and improve circulation and overall mood. The Brooker Creek Preserve in the Tampa area offers excellent opportunities for seniors to enjoy natural habitats. The trails are well groomed and provide a perfect walking surface. Moreover, the forest canopy partly sheds the trails from the scorching sun, especially during summer. Additionally, seniors can enjoy birdwatching, native plant tours, picnics, and photography all day long. 

Riverbank Discovery Center

The Riverbank Discovery Center in Brandon is a great place to enjoy your summer days. This Brandon's Central Park offers a beautiful and serene place to enjoy summer outdoor activities. The park hosts numerous events that bestow an active and prosperous community. The Riverbank Discovery Center partners with community groups to serve the Brandon area. It's a cornerstone for hosting cultural and educational initiatives and fostering healthy community relationships.


Summer is the time to get out and have fun - a perfect time for summer activities and day trips for seniors. In fact, seniors should use this opportunity to explore numerous fun activities in their areas.  At Senior Helpers of Hillsborough County, we offer in-home senior care with services like specialized care for seniors with chronic diseases as well as companion services to help your seniors with their daily activities. Contact us today to learn more about our in-home senior care services.