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Serving all of Polk County.
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Serving all of Polk County.
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Employee Testimonials

It would be easy for us to tell you what life is like working for Senior Helpers of Polk County and why you would love being a part of our team, but we thought it would be better for you to hear directly from our caregivers and staff about what makes it such a great place to work. We thank them for providing a genuine perspective on our company and culture.

  • Senior Helpers is a great place to work! We are one big happy family. They care about the clients as well as the employees well-being. The staff is always ready to assist the employees with whatever they need. If one staff member doesn’t have the answers, they find someone who can. They are very accommodating with any schedule changes.

  • The flexibility to make your own schedule. The staff is very supportive and goes the extra mile to make their employees feel appreciated. As long as you do what's expected to treat the patients at your best ability they make you feel appreciated.

  • Great company to work for. The training was very in-depth and they always find ways to accommodate your schedules so there's no risk of accidentally double booking shifts. They actually listen to their employees and troubleshoot problems. I have recommended this company to others searching for better jobs.

  • Were do I begin? The support I have, and the fact that I'm important and valuable because that's how they treat me. The incentives and opportunities that I can get. The visits from the caregiver mentors that pop up and check on us and it means so much!! Even if it's 10 at night they are there. I am truly Blessed.

  • Senior Helpers is a great company to work for! They are a real supportive family atmosphere. And they are there for you. When you don't think they notice the great work you do, they are noticing and will let you know. There is advancement in many ways with the company, the most important one is the reward we have of taking care of a loved one. A senior that needs us! We are 1 of the most important person in their lives. In some cases, the very most important person. We can learn alot if we just listen. Thank you Senior Helpers for hiring me 3 years ago.​​
  • "Where do I start? Senior Helpers respects me as well as listens to me.  My interests or suggestions that I may have, as well as my input. They put our well being first and foremost at the top of safety and our enviroment.  I enjoy working for Senior Helpers and look forward to new clients and new adventures! Thank you Senior Helpers" Charlene H., Caregiver
  • “Senior Helpers is a great company to work for. I enjoy the office staff and the clients are great to work for as well”  --Allie B | January Caregiver of the Month
  • Everything-  the office staff is awesome and very helpful. Its a great place to work and i get to meet new people .
  • I need to work and they give me work. People in the office are nice and helpful.
  • I set my own schedule. Staff is nice and easy to work with.
  • It's a good company overall to work for.
  • It’s flexible and I love helping our clients.  They are more like family - I love being a part of the team.
  • The fact that you give us the choice to pick and choose our clients as to were they live and what hours we have with them as that helps us with our schedules. We are not forced to take a shift.
  • Senior Helpers is very professional in it's approach to helping and caring for both their clients and caregivers. The staff are friendly, supportive and accommodating, willing to help or work with you on any concerning matters. The company overall is a great company to work for.
  • The staff is awesome and friendly and they will keep you busy.
  • That the staff are friendly and very understanding.
  • Very friendly people, flexible scheduling, happy place, great work environment.
  • Senior Helpers feels like family. They are very caring, loving and very professional. They listen and help. Thank you Senior Helpers!
  • The office staff is professional, courteous and always available to be of help at any time
  • I like that I am able to help those out in need and the smile on their faces lets me know that they appreciate all the help they can get
  • The management is responsive and friendly. They have paid attention to my needs. I have become very attached to the client I am serving so they gave me a good match.
  • They work with you and try to find what's suitable for you. They listen to you and your concerns about your clients. All around nice staff. It's been a pleasure working with them.
  • The office staff is amazing, and flexibility of schedules is great
    I have been with senior helpers for the past 3 1/2 years they have been a great company to work for . Office staff is great, and you can elect the hour you want to work. Great full time or part time company to work for.
  • It's a good company overall to work for.
  • The fact that you can pick and choose days and hours as well as location from the schedule. The fact we have a Awesome Team in the office that care about us! The fact that if you want to work 1 hour a week, that's ok. There are so many wonderful thing I like about Senior Helpers.
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I love working with the office staff, they are really easy to work with, the clients are just fantastic, but a big part of why I like Senior Helpers is the flexibility, its nice to be able to work when I want within my own schedule.