How Seniors Can Stay Active When It's Too Hot to Go Outside
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Serving Orlando and surrounding areas.
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How Seniors Can Stay Active When It's Too Hot to Go Outside

The older population is often urged to stay active, which offers a lot of health and social benefits. But it can be challenging to stay active during the hot Florida summers. As temperatures rise, it can cause even the most active individual to feel draggy and lazy. The high heat and humidity also cause potential safety risks for persons 65 years and older. So, how do seniors beat the heat and ensure they stay active while maintaining their physical and mental well-being?

The best defense is to stay informed, prepared, and alert. Senior Helpers Orlando, FL, offers tips to help you maintain an active lifestyle when it's too hot outside. Let's jump right in:

Get an Early Start

Engaging in physical activities on a hot day can be pretty dangerous. It can lead to heat-related illnesses such as hypothermia, heat stroke, heat rash, and exhaustion. Given how important staying active is for one's physical and mental wellness, older people can navigate this by exercising during the cooler times, like in the mornings or evenings. They can take morning walks or engage in low-impact exercises such as yoga.

One should also be concerned about dehydration and overexertion when staying active in the summer. Be sure to drink lots of water and take regular breaks in air-conditioned areas, if necessary. Reduce the risk of overheating by wearing light-layered, moisture-wicking clothing.

Engage in Indoor Activities

The high heat in summer can make one feel lazy. But just because you can't or don't want to go outdoors doesn't mean you have to live a sedentary lifestyle. Older individuals can stay active by engaging in some indoor activities. This includes painting, playing board games, crafts, puzzles, making summer treats, etc. Summer is an excellent time for small gatherings, and if you are worried about the heat, you can control it with AC and fans.

Water Activities

Swimming is a great way to stay active while keeping your body temperature down. Many swimming pools are located indoors, but those using outdoor swimming pools should apply plenty of sunscreens. In addition, drinking lots of water during swimming is necessary. There are several other water activities older persons can engage in, like taking scenic boat tours in Winter Park, fishing in Lake Apopka, or simply relaxing near a water source.


One of the most popular activities among older people is gardening. In fact, you can create gardens with raised beds that are about waist-high. This prevents excessive bending and squatting, thus allowing even those with mobility issues to enjoy this activity. Gardening is best done in the morning or late evening when temperatures aren't as high. It's important to take water breaks to avoid dehydration.

Experience the Local Culture

Staying active doesn't have to mean exercise. Visiting a museum, art show, the multitude of amusement parks in Kissimmee, or the farmer's market are all great ways to get some extra steps without overheating.

Visit Local Senior Centers

These centers are typically air-conditioned and provide lots of exciting activities for seniors. From Zumba classes to yoga, bowling, water aerobics, swimming, and so on, there are plenty of things older people can do in these centers to stay active and socialize.


Staying active is key to staying happy and healthy, but it's important to keep summer safety in mind. This season is characterized by high temperatures, which can increase one's risk of dehydration and other health risks. But this doesn't mean staying the whole season indoors. Older persons should enjoy the beautiful weather while maintaining an active lifestyle.

At Senior Helpers, we provide quality in-home senior care, with services ranging from Alzheimer's and dementia care, companion care, chronic disease care, and respite care, among others. Contact us today to find offices near you and learn more about our services.