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Planning a Trip to See the Grandparents? Tips on Preparing a Productive Family Visit

We have finally reached that time of the year when families are beginning to plan family reunions and long-awaited trips. If you didn’t take a family trip during the winter months, don’t worry; spring has just arrived and the hot summer months are just around the corner.

Before taking your long-awaited family trip to visit grandparents and older relatives consider some important planning tips that will provide you and your family with a productive and happy experience.

Communicating your plans with grandparents

If you intend to visit older relatives in the coming weeks and months, make sure to inform them of your plans before you leave your home. You might have told them you were coming to visit last Thanksgiving, but that was in 2016. Always follow-up with your intended plans by making family members aware of your visit. Notify grandparents of your plans by mailing a handwritten note, sending an email and by making a phone call.

Let your host know how long you will be staying, when you will arrive and the number of family members who will visiting.

Offer to help with household chores and family caregiving during the visit

If you are visiting grandparents, offer to take on some chores during your stay. Ask teenagers and younger relatives to help out, too. Ask your host, in advance, if there is anything special you may be able to help them with during your family stay.

If you are visiting relatives who are caring for an older spouse or a family member who is bed-bound or has dementia, offer to assist during your visit. Older family caregivers are always in need of a personal break and much-needed rest. If a loved one needs respite care and a spouse needs personal time off, offer to help pay for home health care services provided by a licensed agency.

While in town, try organizing a support group with caregivers and reliable family members who can step in and assist a family caregiver who may need personal time off and rest.

Ways to help grandparents 

  • Let relatives know that you and the older grandchildren will be able to complete daily chores during the family visit.
  • Don’t just surprise the grandkids about having to do daily tasks for their grandparents, but plan in advance and inform everyone about the need to help older adults. Make a list of specific duties and projects teens may be able to help with, such as taking out the trash, setting or clearing the dinner table, or doing the dishes.
  • Offer to take the grandparents’ car in for a tire check and an oil change.
  • Run errands for busy family members.
  • Ask to help out with grocery shopping and with meal preparation. Offer to pay for the groceries, whenever possible, especially when kids are visiting.
  • If you notice the yard needs sprucing up, offer to trim the plants, and mow the lawn or hire a landscape company to do yard work while you are visiting.

While visiting family members, take the time to talk and interact. Visiting and interacting with family members gives everyone much needed insight into an older adult’s health and wellbeing. A phone call cannot always provide the information you may need. Social interaction is a more productive way to find out how a loved one is doing and it shows that you care.

Should you need assistance in caring for a loved one during a vacation visit to Central Florida, and would like to inquire about our home health care services, give us a call at 321-422-2869. We will be glad to schedule a meeting at a time that is convenient for you and your family. Senior Helpers Orlando provides Alzheimer’s care and home health care services in the counties of Orange, Osceola and Seminole.

Enjoy your family visits!


Ana P. DeLane
Senior Helpers Orlando Team Member