Complete Guide to Jacksonville, Florida for Senior Citizens
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Serving Jacksonville and surrounding areas.
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Serving Jacksonville and surrounding areas.
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Complete Guide to Jacksonville, Florida for Senior Citizens

As a home care agency in Jacksonville we are often asked about activities that seniors can participate in within Jacksonville

As the largest city in the continental United States, Jacksonville is over 840 squares miles filled with fascinating architecture, rich history, and natural beauty. Some call it Jax, others the First coast. Originally it was named after the seventh president of the United States, Andrew Jackson, before assuming that office.

This city has a diverse neighborhood filled with cultural community and is the perfect place for young people, families, and especially senior citizens to move there.

Why Should You Move To Jacksonville, FL

Amazing Places to Live in The City

There are amazing places in Jacksonville where living is the dream. There you can easily be surrounded by natural attractions or just casually live a peaceful beach life without being separated from the rest of the world. It's a perfect balance.

Some great places in Jacksonville where you can settle in are:

The Beachfront

Here, you'll find many retirees in the neighborhood trying to find an escape from the fast-paced life and connecting to nature. Although residence here is quite expensive, it is truly worth it. Imagine waking up in a beach house and sleeping in a beach house — a life of luxury, that is.


This area is away from the busy downtown Jacksonville and is located in a bit of a rural area. The houses in the neighborhood are also of a reasonable price, making this the perfect place to disconnect from the hustling and bustling crowd.


This area is a catch as it comes with a rich history as well as magnificent views of the river. Moreover, it also has an extensive system of parks and recreation (Leslie Knope reporting to duty). Thus, this area is a perfect combination of living a quiet life without being isolated from the rest.

San Marco

If you are interested in unique boutiques, antique stores, and trendy bistros, this place is perfect for you.

Neptune Beach

a small, quiet coastal community nestled on the northeast coast of Florida between Atlantic Beach and Jacksonville Beach.Neptune Beach has a comfortable, casual and laid-back atmosphere that invites people of all ages to enjoy the beach and other areas of natural beauty. 

Atlantic Beach

Just north of Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach is home to pretty beaches and historic sites. Fort Macon State Park is a fantastic spot to spend an afternoon. With great exhibits, beautiful views, and well-maintained hiking trails, Fort Macon is an awesome attraction for history buffs and outdoor enthusiasts alike!

Fernandina Beach

As described by Fernandina Beach’s mayor Michael Lendovich, "Fernandina Beach is a community of 'easy living.' Each day begins with sunrise reflecting off the Atlantic onto expansive beaches, and ends with red hued sunsets on the Amelia River. Our locals are warm and relaxed. Restaurants and bars offer an array of delights. You can waltz along our unique shops and watch our wildlife under the canopy shade of majestic oaks. Welcome to a very special place."

Ponte Vedra Beach

In an article recently published by Coastal Living magazine, Ponte Vedra Beach was recognized as one of the “20 Best Places to Live on the Coast in 2018.”

“An Old Florida resort town with New Florida amenities, this growing seaside community on the Atlantic coast has embraced its nostalgic setting, anchored by the beloved Ponte Vedra Inn & Club,” Minkin wrote. “Golfers love Ponte Vedra, which is well known for its place on the PGA Tour and THE PLAYERS Championship, and tennis players have traditionally flocked here, as well.”


Benefits of living on Jacksonville

Lower Cost of Living


The cost of living in Jacksonville is very reasonable, and you won't even have to pay the price of living through things like poor weather. This is because the overall weather in this place is impressive. You won’t get extreme winter either, which is always a plus because you won't have to pay extra for a heater. So, a perfect deal for your house paired with the perfect weather, what's not to love about this place?

It’s the Perfect Place for Food Lovers


Here there are no limitations when it comes to the food world. You will find food from different cultures and backgrounds and will be able to eat from hundreds of shops serving different types of fast food.


Did you know…


In 1953 there was a place called Insta Burger in Beach Boulevard that used to make 400 patties an hour due to a special oven called the Insta Broiler. However, the business wasn't going that well, and it wasn't until new owners came in and changed its name. Soon, Insta Burger became Burger King, which stands successful to this day as a billion-dollar global franchise.



You will never get bored here with our options, that's for sure. Jacksonville has over 20 locally owned, farm-to-table restaurants, where fresh produce and meat are brought in locally and used to make a delicious array of food. There are also over 30 restaurants with vegan menus and gluten-free options for those having a different diet.

Other options include over a hundred food trucks that allow you to take fantastic food on the go. Nowadays, every kind of food is available in food trucks. Even different types of ethnic foods are readily available in Jacksonville, allowing people to taste their own culture or experience new ones. The options are unlimited, but the choices are always yours.


Surrounding Cities


Not only is Jacksonville so unique on its own, but it’s also surrounded by more amazing cities. Places like Atlanta, which is perfect if you want to experience southern hospitality, and Miami for daring nightlife make the ideal getaway from Jacksonville if ever needed. Or maybe a two-hour trip to Orlando, which is the most visited destination in the US. Adding to this, Jacksonville is also close to Naples, around a 5-hour drive by car, which is very well known for its shopping district. So, if you are someone who loves to buy stuff and explore new places, this trip is waiting for you. Jacksonville so many options for so many people having different interests.


 Beaches, Beaches, and Oh Did I Mention Beaches?


From beaches for swimming to shores for lounging, Jacksonville has it all. The chances are that you aren't far away from a great trip to the beach, no matter where you are. This is because this beautiful city is situated almost perfectly, right beside the Atlantic ocean. You would find a shopping mall and a beach only a small distance away from each other here.



Things to Do in Jacksonville, Florida as a Senior Citizen


With time the senior citizen population in Jacksonville has continued to grow. Many of them have moved here, and many were born and raised in Jacksonville.

If you are a golden ager who has recently moved to Jacksonville, Florida, or have been living here for some time, and are looking for things to do, don’t worry. We have a complete guide for things to do as a senior citizen in Jacksonville. From jobs to senior centers, we have it all.


Senior Centers in Jacksonville


With time comes the daunting task of living alone. Some people enjoy that life of solitude. They take it as a way of controlling their life and whatever they want to do.

Some are perfectly happy that way. But for some people, it can get too lonely. Having a house to yourself can be a huge responsibility, due to which many senior citizens decide to move into senior centers or retirement homes. There they can relax and be properly cared for—a place where they find companionship.

In Jacksonville, there are many senior centers that provide excellent care to their residents. There are several programs where seniors are able to have their independence along with their vitality. The programs include support groups, activities, and educational classes. Other activities include art classes, exercise programs, dance classes, travel opportunities, and many more. This way, they also have a chance to meet other seniors through various social interactions. Many of these senior centers also provide help with medical and financial papers and transportation services for things like shopping or going to the park.


Rich History Present in Jacksonville


Not only is Jacksonville home to the most extensive urban park system in the nation, which seniors can take full advantage of, but it's also filled with a deep history. History is not only ancient but colonel as well. In Jacksonville, pottery pieces that date back to 2500 BC have been excavated. If this isn't history, we really don't know what it is. Moreover, after some research and archeological evidence, results show that civilization has dated as far as 6,000 years ago in this city.

Jacksonville also has a great range of history with architecture that many seniors enjoy. Did you know that what we call Jacksonville City Hall now used to be a department store in 1912 and was designed by a famous architect named Henry John Klutho.

Many seniors love to visit places like San Marco Historic District, which includes the city's oldest movie theatre, dating back to 1938. Talking about theatres, Ritz Theater and Museum celebrates artists from African American communities. Here there are concerts and films along with events which bring all the cultures together.


Other Activities for Seniors


Golf Courses

Apart from Jacksonville’s rich natural landscape and beauty, this city also offers some fun recreational activities that are well suited for seniors as well.

Bent Creek Golf Course is one of the most commonly visited places for, They also allow you to sign up for footgolf if you want to branch out from your typical golf.

Also, don't forget to spend some time in the Jacksonville Equestrian Center, where you will enjoy all sorts of indoor activities and events such as sporting events, soccer, and even dog shows. It also has a hiking trail that spreads over 80 acres of land and its own luxurious golf course too for 18 holes!


Jacksonville Zoo and Botanical Garden


Another fantastic place to visit is the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, where you not only find exotic animals but a vast botanical garden as well, thus making it unique. They also have guided tours as well as senior discounts.


A Group Called ‘Seniors on a Mission’


This is a senior-run group in which seniors from different groups come together to organize something called the 'Mission Trips.' This group serves different communities and nonprofit organizations. All of this gives seniors a sense of belonging and purpose. Making them part of something bigger than themselves. Because of this, these seniors’ citizens can give back to the community once again. This not only keeps them active but also gives them a sense of responsibility. They continue to grow and learn and also understand the importance of meeting new people.


The Adventures of ‘Timucuan Ecological & Historical Preserve

For seniors that love nature, this ecological and historical preserve just enhances the inner beauty of Jacksonville. It is considered one of Jacksonville's biggest nature parks, containing huge trails and exhibits that force you to focus on that place's natural beauty and the history attached to it.


Fish-a-Thon in Hanna Park


If you are interested in fishing, this place is perfect for you. Just like the name suggests, there is a fishing context that is carried on throughout the day in Hanna Park. Here you can not only fish but also enjoy the beach as well, along with natural wildlife — two birds in one stone.


The Jacksonville Senior Games


This is a friendly competitive event in which seniors especially take part. The Jacksonville Senior Games is an Olympic-style event that includes basketball, swimming, golf, tennis, cycling, powerlifting, line dancing, and many more.

So, with so many options for seniors, Jacksonville has prepared for its already growing population of senior citizens. As of now, 11 percent of the population of Jacksonville consists of seniors. Soon there will be more. Therefore, Jacksonville has already prepared in terms of its infrastructures and all these different activities to cater to the needs of senior citizens.

So, whether it is various living experiences to the variety of food and activities like golfing and volunteering, there is no way that there isn’t something for every senior citizen in this beautiful city. If you have already explored it, you would understand how true this statement is and if you haven’t...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?


Complete Guide to Jacksonville, Florida for Senior Citizens