4 Ways to Manage Hypertension Besides Diet and Medication
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Serving Jacksonville and surrounding areas.
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4 Ways to Manage Hypertension Besides Diet and Medication

4 Ways to Manage Hypertension Besides Diet and Medication

Hypertension, more commonly known as high blood pressure, is a very serious and often overlooked medical condition that can result in many long-term complications. Fortunately, there are several approaches to managing hypertension beyond diet and medication. If a senior loved one or someone else close to you has been diagnosed with hypertension—or if they have been told by their doctor to make lifestyle changes but don't know where to start—the following tips for managing hypertension, courtesy of Senior Helpers Jacksonville will serve you well. 


It's no secret that exercise plays an important role in overall heart health. Aerobic activity such as brisk walking can help lower high blood pressure by improving circulation throughout the body and helping arteries remain clear of blockages. Additionally, strengthening major muscle groups (legs, arms, and core) with weight-resistance exercises helps burn off fat, which leads to better overall health. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity five days per week when starting out; this time frame can be extended over time as fitness increases. Seniors should make sure to consult their doctor before embarking on any new fitness routine, and immediately stop their workout if any sort of muscle strain occurs.

Stress Reduction

High levels of stress contribute heavily towards elevated blood pressure and other negative impacts on the body which could lead to chronic ailments if left unchecked, including heart disease stroke, or diabetes just to name a few. Reducing stress can help alleviate the chance of these issues. Senior adults might consider activities such as yoga or meditation for calming effects during the day. Spending regular time outdoors in nature, reading a book, or engaging in hobbies are also great ways to reduce stress and can be easy to incorporate into daily life.


These days, it seems that everyone is running on over-scheduled lives with not enough hours to rest which can lead to exhaustion - and that can turn chronic over time. Senior adults should try to get 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night to help their cardiovascular systems recover from long stressful days and normalize blood pressure readings. If your senior loved one is struggling with sleep, consider offering essential oils, relaxing music, and other calming elements to their bedtime routine.


Along with diet, lifestyle, and medication adjustments, consider adding hypertension-supportive supplements like garlic oil caps or grape seed extract, under the guidance of a medical professional. While these will not replace conventional medicine, many doctors believe strongly in the benefits of natural solutions and will be happy to suggest options.

Senior Helpers Provides In-Home Senior Care 

While making significant changes may seem daunting, managing high blood pressure using diet and lifestyle modifications, along with certain supplements, can yield truly amazing results. For more information about senior care services in the Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beaches, Arlington, Ft. Caroline, San Marco, Southside, Mandarin, Fernandina Beach, Ponte Vedra, and Yulee areas, reach out to Senior Helpers today!