Top 5 Rails and Bars to Install at Home to Prevent Slips and Falls
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Serving Clearwater and surrounding areas.
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Top 5 Rails and Bars to Install at Home to Prevent Slips and Falls

According to the National Council on Aging, falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among senior citizens. The CDC also reported that about 3 million seniors are treated each year for fall injuries and more than 32,000 die from the 36 million falls. Therefore, it is essential that caregivers, whether professional or not, take time to learn about various prevention efforts and activities, especially as the September 18-24, 2022 fall prevention week approaches.

If you are a compassionate person with a desire to work with seniors living in Pinellas Park or Safety Harbor, contact Senior Helpers Clearwater to learn more about care options. Below are the most effective home rails and bars to prevent slips and falls among persons over the age of 65: 

  1. Wall-mounted grab bars 

As the name suggests, these types of safety bars are securely installed on the wall with anchors and screws for additional stability. They are mainly useful near a bathtub or in a shower for additional balance and less fatigue when entering or leaving the bath. 

  1. Folding grab bars

These bars are also mounted on the wall but have the added advantage of folding down or flipping up when not in use. This way, they can be installed in tight areas such as the toilet or beside a sink as they save on space. 

  1. Free-standing grab bars

Free-standing grab bars are attached securely from the floor to the ceiling in the bathroom or anywhere else in the room for support when standing. In the bathroom, they assist in entering and exiting or standing up and sitting down on a toilet. In other areas of the room, they can help your elderly loved one to stand, sit, and move about with less fatigue. 

  1. Stairway handrail 

This is a long piece of wood or metal installed next to the stairs and other high-risk areas around the house where senior citizens are likely to slip and fall. The elderly can then grab and use them for support when going up or down the stairs. The CDC also advises caregivers to ensure the staircase has good lighting from bottom to top as another safety measure to reduce such accidents. 

  1. Angled grab bars

The angled design makes these types of bars suitable for placement in the toilet, stairway, or bathtub. They also have multiple options to grip, especially as seniors transition from a sitting to a standing position in the toilet. Some security poles have the curve grab bars feature to offer extra stability in multiple positions around the room. 

Bottom line

To reduce the high numbers of accidents among the elderly in Dunedin, Largo, and other areas in the United States, caregivers must begin by making their homes safe. It is essential that caregivers also use in-home care professionals to help manage their responsibilities while also avoiding caregiver burnout. Reach out to Senior Helpers in Clearwater, FL, for more information or to schedule a free in-home assessment.