6 Strategies for Fighting Loneliness and Isolation As the Sun Sets Earlier
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Serving Clearwater and surrounding areas.
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6 Strategies for Fighting Loneliness and Isolation As the Sun Sets Earlier

As the days grow shorter, many people who prefer not to go out and about alone after dark find themselves feeling cut off from the world after the sun goes down. This is particularly common with seniors who live independently at home.

Here are some of the best ways active seniors can stay connected during the fall and winter months.

  1. Learn how to use video chat apps

All smartphones, tablets, and laptops made today are equipped with cameras, and most available video chat apps are easy to learn, even for those seniors who are intimidated by technology.

  1. Take advantage of movie streaming "party watch" features

Did you know there are features on most streaming services that allow you to synchronize your viewing with friends? As long as the rest of your viewing party has the service, you can watch movies together while on the phone or in video chat. It's a great way to experience shows and movies together, especially comedies!

  1. Get a chauffeur

Seniors who don't like to, or can't, drive after dark don't have to stay home at night. Have a friend, family member, or caregiver take the wheel or take advantage of Uber and Lyft as alternatives to cabs and public transportation. Many communities offer curb-to-curb transportation services specifically for senior and disabled citizens, which can relieve the stress of driving home after dark. Here are some public transportation resources with which to get started:

  1. Adopt a furry friend

Keeping company with companion animals is known to reduce blood pressure, elevate moods, and inspire people to get out and get exercise. They're also excellent company for seniors who spend more time at home. Dogs, cats, and even litter box-trained house rabbits can make winter days and nights less lonely, and give seniors a sense of purpose. And for dog owners, there are always social opportunities, from obedience and rally classes to trips to the dog park!

  1. Socialize more during the day

Active elderly people can make the most of daylight hours by attending events at local senior centers, visiting the gym with friends, or taking a trip to the mall to shop, watch people, and get some steps in. Seniors might consider volunteering at organizations that will arrange for short daytime shifts.

  1. Share a meal

Get together with friends for dinner potlucks! Throw in social activities like card or party games to add to the festivities. And book club discussions are always more fun with food.

Saving the Best for Last: Have Senior Helpers® Lend a Hand

Whether your loved one needs a little drop-in companionship, assistance with home health care, or help to get around town, Senior Helpers® of Clearwater empowers elderly individuals to live their best lives. Contact us now to learn about our wide selection of services, so the seniors in your life won't have to wait another day to organize their winter season social calendar!