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The Benefits of Telehealth for Seniors

The Benefits of Telehealth for Seniors

During these unprecedented times, telehealth has become an important health management tool for seniors. Even here in the Newark area, accessing healthcare in person isn’t as easy as it used to be. Since some seniors are among the high risk group it is important for them to remain at home during COVID-19. One of the best things about seniors using telehealth, home care workers can help those who are not tech-savvy with accessing their calls. Here are five other benefits to telehealth for seniors.

Monitoring/Maintaining Chronic Health Conditions

Most seniors taking advantage of the telehealth option are usually (but not only) those who have chronic health conditions. These conditions include high blood pressure, diabetes, dementia, heart disease, and numerous others. Telehealth opens up a way for home health aides to continue to help seniors monitor and maintain their conditions safely.

Allow Seniors the Comfort to Age in Place

With the help of telehealth, aging adults are able to keep their independence and remain home. Caregivers can help keep track of the seniors blood pressure, blood sugar, and other conditions. If any problem arises, they can notify the doctor's office. This cuts down on seniors having to make frequent in person doctor visits, or relocating to stay with another family member to help with health care.

No Transportation Problems

Chronic conditions often mean more trips to the doctor's office than normal. Getting to and from an appointment can cause a problem for some seniors, especially since the recommendation now is to stay six feet apart. It's difficult to do that riding right next to someone. Often a check-up with a physician may be the only thing needed by a physician and this can quickly be done by a telehealth call.

Reduce Exposure to Germs

Probably the most important reason for using telehealth is so that you can decrease exposure to germs frequently present in clinic or hospital waiting area. Seniors can stay safe in their own environment where they don't have to fear being exposed to unwanted germs. This is the wrong time to be picking up any type of new germs.

Save Money

Think about the money you can save on gas for transportation or paying someone to take you to your appointment. Also, money is saved on not having to make unnecessary trips to get your doctor to write a prescription. The doctor can talk to you and decide if it is necessary for you to come in. If not, they will send your prescription directly to the pharmacy to be filled. 

Emergency health care is quite expensive, but with careful monitoring and the use of telehealth warning signs of bigger problems can be identified and treatment started. Although telehealth is a wonderful service to use, not all doctors have made the transition. Be sure to check with your health care provider to make sure it is something they provide. 

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