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Serving Newark and surrounding areas.
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Senior Companionship and Care in the Time of Corona

With the current global health crisis, the importance of home caregivers is highlighted now, more than ever. With families locked down in isolation, many seniors are unable to get the socialization they need for both physical and mental health. According toWebMD, 6 million elderly Americans suffer from late-life depression. Utilizing a home care service helps to revitalize seniors by providing them with companions who can help fill the gaps in an aging person's life.


Companion care can provide a much-needed relief from the daily routine that many are falling into during the global pandemic.Socialization helps to reduce the risk of certain health problems such as cardiovascular complications, arthritis, and Alzheimer's, among other diseases. In addition, lack of connection can contribute to feelings of isolation, which are currently heightened by the protective measures in many states, such as stay-at-home orders. With companion care, seniors are able to socialize safely in order to boost morale, sharpen the mind, and actively engage in at-home activities. With around the clock care, overnight care, and various other home options, each service provided bySenior Helpers can be specifically modified to meet your senior's needs.

General Shopping and Errands

Older people fall in the highest risk category for the coronavirus. This makes it difficult to go into public spaces such as grocery stores, markets, and other essential businesses. In Delaware, the current declaration states that face coverings must be worn in all public spaces — including grocery stores. Face masks reduce the risk of spreading of COVID-19, and wearing a mask helps to protect those most at risk. However, for many elderly people, these face masks inhibit breathing, exacerbate medical conditions such as COPD, and trigger asthma, making it difficult for seniors to shop while wearing these protective coverings.

By employing a companion service, these home care helpers are able to shop for the elderly. This reduces the transmission of COVID-19 and potential medical complications in seniors triggered by facial coverings. Seniors are able to work with home care companions to create shopping lists and errand schedules in order to best meet the senior's needs.

Routine Checkups

With an established schedule, seniors are able to look forward to their companion's arrival and thus eliminate the fear of abandonment that many older people often feel. In addition, routine checkups mean that the home care professionals will be able to monitor their senior's health. If they notice any dire changes, Senior Helpers are able to take their seniors to doctors' appointments and other medical checkups. Given the widespread nature of the coronavirus, it is essential that someone routinely checks up on high-risk people, and home care workers with an established schedule would be able to determine if their charges are showing new symptoms and get them the care they need.

Senior companionship services provide much-needed socialization, home care, and other assistance. In these unprecedented times, it is vital to tend to and support our seniors, as they have done for us. Senior Helpers provides senior companionship services in Newark, Wilmington, New Castle, Hockessin, Bear, and Christiana.Contact us today to find out if companion care is right for you.