Making Mobility Easier In 2023: The Pros & Cons Of Buying Medical Equipment For Seniors
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Serving Newark and surrounding areas.
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Making Mobility Easier In 2023: The Pros & Cons Of Buying Medical Equipment For Seniors

As our population ages, providing easy access to the medical equipment seniors need is essential. The team at Senior Helpers Northern Delaware understands that medical equipment can be a significant expense and can come with a steep learning curve, which is why we want to provide insight into the pros and cons of buying used medical equipment for seniors in the Newark, Wilmington, Bear, and New Castle County areas. In this blog post, we will look at what types of medical equipment seniors need the most, whether it is a better option to purchase new or used equipment, if renting is possible, and which option is best for your senior loved one. Let's get started!

What Medical Equipment Do Seniors Need The Most?

When it comes to medical equipment, there are many options available. Among the most critical medical equipment seniors need are mobility aids and adaptive equipment. Mobility aids are devices such as wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and scooters that help with the physical movement of seniors. Adaptive equipment includes grab bars, shower chairs, and stairlifts that assist seniors with their daily activities and can even make their lives easier. Other medical equipment seniors might need are oxygen tanks, oxygen concentrators, respiratory equipment, and medical alert systems. 

Should You Buy Medical Equipment New Or Used?

When purchasing medical equipment, there are pros and cons to buying new or used. The most significant benefit to buying new equipment is that it usually comes with a manufacturer's warranty and is typically covered by insurance companies. New equipment is also generally designed for the modern user, so it may be easier to use. The downside to buying new is that it can be expensive, and insurance may not cover everything.

When buying used equipment, the benefit is that it is often cheaper than buying new. Used equipment can also be an excellent option for those who don't need the latest technology. However, remember that buying used medical equipment can come with risks. The equipment may be out of date or not suitable for the senior's needs. Check that the medical equipment is in good condition and safe to use. 

Is Renting Medical Equipment Possible?

Renting medical equipment can be a great alternative to buying, as it allows seniors to access the necessary medical equipment while keeping costs down. Renting is an excellent option for those who need the equipment for a short period or are unsure if the equipment will be beneficial for them long-term. It's also a good option for those with limited funds who cannot afford the equipment. The downside is that finding reliable companies that rent medical equipment can be challenging, and the cost of renting equipment can add up over time. 

Which Option Is Right For Your Senior Loved One?

The best option for buying medical equipment for a senior will depend on their individual needs and budget. Ultimately, the decision will come down to:

  • What type of equipment is needed
  • How long will the equipment be used 
  • If the senior can afford the upfront cost

Once these questions are answered, research new and used equipment to find the best option. Additionally, consider rental options, as they may be more affordable in the short term. 

Need More Help Supporting A Senior Loved One At Home?

At Senior Helpers Northern Delaware, we understand that different seniors have different needs and are committed to providing the best in-home care for seniors in the Newark, Wilmington, Bear, and New Castle County areas. If you want to learn more about our services and how we can help your senior loved one with their medical equipment needs, please contact us today.