DIY Remedies for Common Senior Health Issues
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Serving Newark and surrounding areas.
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DIY Remedies for Common Senior Health Issues

Senior citizens often grapple with common health ailments, including joint pain, indigestion, insomnia and headaches. While these might seem like inevitable parts of aging, there is good news. Simple, effective DIY remedies can help alleviate some of these concerns. Using everyday household items, you can help your elderly loved ones find relief from these common issues. Senior Helpers Northern Delaware will explore these DIY remedies, empowering you as a caregiver while underlining the importance of professional medical advice.

Joint Pain

Joint pain is a common complaint among seniors. It is often caused by age-related wear and tear, arthritis or injury. One straightforward remedy is heat and cold therapy. A warm bath or a hot towel can soothe stiff arthritic joints, while ice packs can reduce inflammation and swelling. Gentle exercises can also help keep joints flexible. Before embarking on any new exercise routine, talk to your doctor or healthcare professional. Additionally, if the pain persists or increases, it's time to consult a medical professional.


Indigestion is another issue many seniors face. This can be due to medication side effects, eating habits or a sensitive stomach. Small dietary changes can make a big difference. For example, eating smaller, more frequent meals or increasing fiber intake could help counteract the effects of indigestion. A soothing cup of chamomile or mint tea can also work wonders. However, chronic or severe indigestion requires medical attention to rule out any serious underlying conditions.


Insomnia is prevalent among senior adults due to factors like stress, medication or even lack of exercise. A few behavioral changes can promote better sleep - maintaining a regular sleep schedule, limiting daytime naps and creating a peaceful sleep environment can all contribute to improved sleep quality. Activities like reading a book or taking a warm bath before bed can also foster relaxation. Warm beverages, such as hot tea or hot chocolate, can help set the stage for a restful evening. Again, if insomnia becomes a recurring issue, it's important to seek medical advice.


Headaches in seniors can be due to a variety of reasons, including stress, dehydration or underlying health issues. Staying well-hydrated, ensuring they get plenty of rest and teaching them relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or meditation, can help manage occasional headaches. Seniors can also talk to their medical care team about any potential vitamin deficiencies, as those can cause headaches as well. However, frequent or severe headaches should never be ignored, and a healthcare professional should be consulted immediately.

Senior Helpers Offers Senior Care and Support

While DIY remedies can offer quick, accessible relief to common senior health issues, they are not a replacement for professional healthcare. Persistent or worsening symptoms require medical attention to ensure the well-being of your senior loved ones.

If you're in Newark, Wilmington, Bear or anywhere in New Castle County and need assistance with senior care, contact Senior Helpers Northern Delaware. Our team of professional caregivers is dedicated to providing comprehensive and empathetic care for your loved ones.