Make Your Living Space More Safe and Accessible This May
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Serving Newark and surrounding areas.
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Make Your Living Space More Safe and Accessible This May

As we age, ensuring our living spaces are safe and accessible becomes more important than ever. It's easy to overlook certain areas of our home that may pose risks for slips, trips, or accidents. Making ongoing adjustments to these spaces is crucial as our mobility and overall health change. That's why we've put together this practical, hands-on guide to help make your living space safer and more accessible. Start making small changes for a safer home today!

Common Areas for Potential Accidents

The stairs, bathroom, and kitchen area commonly see accidents within a senior's home.


Stairs can be a significant challenge for seniors, making them one of the most common areas for potential accidents. To ensure safety, consider installing handrails on both sides of the staircase, and keep the stairway well-lit. Adding non-slip treads to steps can also reduce the risk of falls.


Bathrooms are another area where accidents are likely due to slippery surfaces. Installing grab bars near the toilet and tub can provide extra support for getting in and out of the bath. In addition to using non-slip mats, consider a walk-in tub or shower as a safer alternative if you have limited mobility.


Kitchens can also present hazards, particularly when items are difficult to reach. To create a more accessible space, try rearranging items for easy access. Install pull-out shelves. Consider a stool for sitting while working.

Overlooked Areas for Potential Accidents

Some other overlooked areas also have the potential for concern.

Entrances and Exits 

While entrances and exits might seem minor, obstacles and inadequate lighting can create serious risks. Ramps or handrails can help you maintain independence and safety when entering or leaving your home. Ensure proper lighting and remove any clutter or obstacles that could pose a tripping hazard.


Hallways and corridors are also often overlooked. To reduce the risk of accidents in these areas, ensure proper lighting. Remove trip hazards, like rugs or cords, and install handrails if needed.


Bedrooms are another critical area to consider for safety. Rearrange furniture to create clear pathways and ensure easy access to a phone or emergency call device. For extra support, consider a bed rail or adjustable bed.

Additional Tips for Creating Organized and Accessible Spaces

Begin by assessing your current living space for potential hazards and make a list of necessary adjustments. Prioritize these changes based on importance and budget, and seek assistance from friends, family, or professionals if needed.

Declutter and Label

Decluttering and organizing are crucial for creating safe and accessible living spaces. Start by removing unnecessary things and creating clear pathways throughout the home. Label pieces for easy identification, making it simpler for you to find what you need.

Keep Frequently-Used Things Within Reach

When rearranging spaces for easy access, place frequently used articles within reach and avoid storing essential pieces in high or low areas. Installing adjustable or pull-out shelves and hooks or racks for easy storage can help make objects more accessible.

Invest In Assistive Devices

Utilizing assistive devices can make daily tasks easier and safer for seniors. Invest in grabbers that help you reach and grip objects high on a shelf. Add non-slip mats or grips where necessary. Use mobility aids like canes and walkers to get around safely.

Senior Helpers Northern Delaware Can Make Your Home More Accessible

Making ongoing adjustments to maintain a safe and accessible living space is essential for seniors as their mobility and overall health change. By taking action and making these changes, seniors can reduce the risk of accidents and improve their overall quality of life. If you need assistance in making your living spaces safer and more accessible in Newark, Wilmington, Bear, or New Castle County, don't hesitate to reach out to Senior Helpers Northern Delaware. Let us help you create a comfortable and secure living environment that lets you enjoy your golden years with peace of mind.