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Serving Newark and surrounding areas.
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Serving Newark and surrounding areas.
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Senior Helpers: Carmencita Valdes-Kisco - Featured Caregiver of the Month

How can you be sure to hire a great caregiver?  Call Senior Helpers! Senior Helpers introduces you to one of our excellent caregivers each month so you can get to know our team. Carmencita Valdes-Kisco is our featured caregiver this month. 

Carmencita has been with for Senior Helpers for six years and is well-loved by her clients and their families. They are grateful for the  great interest she takes in her clients and the loving care she provides to them. She is trained to provide companion, personal and dementia care.

When asked why she is a caregiver, “I enjoy taking care of the elderly, creating moments of joy by listening to their life stories, being aware of their strengths and what they still enjoy. Also, I like to be connected and be supportive to the family.”

Carmencita has many interests that include traveling to historical destinations and keeping in touch with family and friends, whether by phone, writing letters, sending cards or spending time with them, such as going out to lunch. She likes to let people know that she’s thinking of them.

Carmencita enjoys going to church, reading spiritual articles and sharing conversations to improve her spirituality. She reaches out to give comfort and consolation to those who are sick, alone, grieving from the loss of a loved one or from brokenness. She listens to them, is supportive and guides them on how to deal with their emotional pains.

Family togetherness is very important to Carmencita. She enjoys going to lunch or dinner with her children and grandsons. They have fun conversations together. She enjoys the special times when she takes in a Broadway play, goes sightseeing and spends quality time with her son who lives in New York City. She also enjoys watching her grandsons play sports as “these are memories that will be cherished" while she can!

In her words: “I enjoy life as it unfolds in front of me, with simplicity, humility and thankfulness for many blessings in my life. It is CARPE DIEM...seize the moment!”