Caregiver Success - Ann (Nancy) Rhodes APRN-BC
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Caregiver Success - Ann (Nancy) Rhodes APRN-BC

Home Care and House Calls Nurse Practitioner Offers Options

to Reduce Burden on Hospitals in New Book “Caregiver Success”


The User-friendly how-to book is filled with tips, tools and over 150 images.


Connecticut (March 31, 2020)- Ann (Nancy) Rhodes, APRN-BC is a nurse practitioner who has worked in the home care and house calls setting for more than 40 years.  She saw the need to organize a book that could provide practical medical tips and tools to solve common medical problems she regularly encountered in the home that could prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and suffering; as well as improve your quality of life. In the self-published book “Caregiver Success”, released on February 20,2020, Rhodes offers information to empower you or your loved one.

“Caregiver Success” is filled with more than 150 images, stories and medical tips covering the human side of caring and aging.

Some of the many tips include:

  • How to use a Hoyer lift
  • How to prevent skin tears and bed sores
  • How to care for over 50 medical conditions
  • How to get organized as a caregiver
  • How to take care of the caregiver


“This 365- page large print “tool” book is geared for the home health aide, nursing student, you or your family member (of any age) who is disabled with or without multiple medical conditions or is homebound” says Rhodes. “The book covers the human side of aging by allowing the caregiving experience to be more fulfilling for the caregiver and the aging person. It also covers the most common medical problems people face through the years.”

When living far away from a loved one, an E-book can be a perfect option for the caregiver to read the information electronically. The in- home aide/caregiver can benefit from using the actual book as a guide.


To Purchase Caregiver Success in book form or E-book go to:


If you are interested in purchasing books in bulk at discount, Contact: Ann (Nancy) Rhodes at or 845-641-7277


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