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Serving Santa Barbara and surrounding areas.
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Signs of Heart Failure and In Home Elderly Care

Valentine’s Day is coming up and is the perfect time to express your love for someone you cherish; the entire month is ideal for focusing on the physical health of our hearts.  February is known as American Heart Month and is a great time to take note of healthy and not-so-healthy habits that we may need to change to reduce the risk of heart disease.  Heart disease is the main cause of death for men and women in the United States.  A common sign of heart failure includes chest pain with tightening which can feel very intense.   Adults over the age of 65 should be made aware of other signs of heart failure as well.

There are some signs of heart failure that differ between men and women.  Women are more likely to experience symptoms while resting or even while they are asleep.  Mental stress is also a common trigger for women.  Mental stress and depression can cause more trouble on a woman’s heart than it would for a man.  Depression can make it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle which can be detrimental to heart health. 

Some common signs of heart failure include nausea or lack of appetite, dizziness, fatigue, and persistent cough.  Problems thinking, swelling in the ankles, confusion and a rapid pulse can also signal impending heart failure as well.  Women should look for a burning feeling in the chest.  Both men and women can experience anxiety and chest discomfort including pressure, squeezing, and fullness in the breastbone area.   A rapid pulse can lead to heart failure if accompanied by weakness, dizziness and shortness of breath. 

While it’s very important to make physical changes to protect our hearts, it is also beneficial to care for the emotional side as well.  Stress plays a critical role in heart health.  Exercise is a great start to de-stressing.  Learning to see exercise as a way to de-stress and feel better will make it seem like less of a chore.  Workouts like Yoga and Pilates are especially good for relaxing and improving mind-body connection.  If you find that meeting up with a friend for coffee or taking a painting class would be an efficient way to de-stress, aim to make that a part of your regular schedule.  It’s important to take care of our hearts both physically and emotionally.

In home care for the elderly can entail companionship services while the primary caregiver is working a full time job, attending to their family needs, or taking that much needed break.  A responsible caregiver will be there at your loved one’s home on a daily basis for a few hours to twenty four hours a day.  If your loved one needs to attend a social function or appointment within their communities of Santa Barbara, Goleta, Lompoc, Santa Ynez, and Carpinteria, California a dependable caregiver from Senior Helpers of Santa Barbara can be there to drive and accompany them.  Safety is the number one priority of all caregivers from Senior Helpers of Santa Barbara.  It can be dangerous for some elderly to travel alone, especially if they suffer from any type of cognitive impairment.  To be able to depend on a caring individual while they maintain outside friendships and go to doctors’ appointments will improve their overall outlook on life. 

In home care for the elderly is not just for those who require full time assistance with activities of daily living.  Sometimes the type of support is companionship or transportation.  Sometimes your loved one needs help around the house.  Light housekeeping, laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc., are all parts of services provided with in home care for the elderly by Senior Helpers of Santa Barbara; call 805-687-7777 today!