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Serving Santa Barbara and surrounding areas.
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Seniors Do Best With Care Provided in Their Home in Winter Months

The winter is in full swing now, with some of the United States being hammered with snow already, and more still on the way. Snow can be a fun and exciting thing, especially for our younger family members. The chance to ride a sled down a huge mountain or create a snowman is an exciting event that can only be done when snow is on the ground.   However, as we grow older we see the darker side of winter; shorter days, having to shovel snow, scraping ice off our windshields and dangerous driving are all things that we can all agree aren’t as fun as making snow angels.

The winter tends to hit our elderly loved ones the hardest.   Not only does snow, ice and sleet make driving more dangerous, the cold can also cause health issues to be even painful and make daily tasks even more difficult. For example, cold weather can cause arthritis, to be even more painful making even mundane tasks even harder, if not impossible to do. Shoveling snow is a tough thing for even young people to deal with as it is very physically intensive on your body, especially your back. Unsurprisingly, it’s even more difficult for your senior loved one as they may struggle to make it to their mailbox and car, let alone clearing off their driveway. This makes a task that we all do every day, like taking a short drive to the local grocery store more daunting and unsafe before they’ve even entered the car. Checking mail is now a trek through snow and ice rather than a simple walk towards the street.

Nursing homes can seem like a possible solution, but they can also seem inhumane especially if your elderly family member really enjoys their independence and freedom. Studies have shown that seniors do best with care provided in their home.  We would all love to provide the care our senior family members need, but time is short, especially during the winter months. Thankfully options exist for helping during this trying season. In home elderly care is available from Senior Helpers of Santa Barbara offer a variety of services to help even during the worst of what winter has to offer. Trained caregivers can help your family member not only with tough tasks such as shoveling snow, but can help them around their home with tasks such as cleaning and cooking. Your loved one will appreciate having fewer, more manageable tasks to do every day. Even more importantly, caregivers also provide an even more crucial element for your loved one – social interaction.

While winter is the season of beautiful snowy photos and a reason to stay indoors and relax a bit around a nice fire, winter is also the season where many, especially our elderly loved ones, struggle with seasonal depression due to being trapped in their home, often alone for many days. Having a companion that they trust and can interact with is important in helping fight the depression and social isolation that winter often brings with it. Senior Helpers of Santa Barbara trains its caregivers not only in giving appropriate care, but also treating your loved one the same way you would treat them – with lots of love, empathy and most importantly, respect. In home elderly care, as opposed to assisted living facilities and nursing homes, focuses more on treating your loved one as an individual rather than just another client, understanding that they desire their independence and familiarity of their home. Seniors do best with care provided in their home.  The services offered by Senior Helpers of Santa Barbara are very flexible and allow for you and your loved one to decide what is needed. If your elderly loved one just needs help shoveling snow and a little bit of upkeep around the home, Senior Helpers of Santa Barbara is more than happy to help. If more assistance is necessary, our caregivers will work with you and your family to create a schedule and system that works. Services include cleaning around the home, cooking nutritious meals, bathing, scheduling appointments, providing helpful reminders for appointments and medication, and providing safe, reliable transportation to Santa Barbara, Goleta, Lompoc, Santa Ynez, and Carpinteria, California. Caretakers are safe having been background checked, interviewed, insured, and most importantly trained to help provide the highest quality care for your loved one. Senior Helpers of Santa Barbara can be reached at 805-687-7777, where a plan and schedule can be discussed that fits your loved one’s needs. All plans are available without a contract and allow for flexible schedule changes as you and your loved one’s needs change depending on the whim of winter. Don’t let your loved one struggle this winter season against the weather conditions and give them the help they need to be happy and independent.