Nutrition Tips for Seniors
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Serving Santa Barbara and surrounding areas.
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Serving Santa Barbara and surrounding areas.
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Nutrition Tips for Seniors

Lives get busy and planning the healthy meals can feel tedious at times.  When it comes to living longer and healthier, there is no substitute for clean eating; especially for our elderly loved ones.  There are some foods that are extra beneficial for a senior loved one.  These are called super foods.  Senior nutrition super foods are nutrient-packed powerhouses that promote the health of people who eat them.  Eating healthy all of your life makes good sense, and more so as you reach senior years.  Choosing senior nutrition super foods can create energy, improve immune system, keep weight steady, reduce inflammation, boost brainpower, and reduce risk of heart disease.  On top of feeling better physically, senior nutrition super foods can improve overall outlook on life.  In home assisted living from Senior Helpers of Santa Barbara can provide the caregiver who can help with preparing nutritious meals as well as remind a loved one to choose healthier snacks when possible. 

Antioxidants are proven to protect the body from dangerous substances that can lead to many chronic diseases.  Some senior nutrition super foods include beans, pomegranate, blueberries, salmon, green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, avocadoes, as well as dark chocolate.  Super foods also include herbs and spices like garlic, ginger, and rosemary.  Garlic is known for its ability to reduce inflammation and is nature’s best immune system booster.  Low-processed grains such as brown rice, quinoa and steel-cut oats and barley reduce spikes in blood sugar that may trigger inflammation and are a good food choice for diabetics.  All vegetables are rich in disease fighting properties, but some are richer in antioxidants and their ability to reduce inflammation.  It is important to try to reduce inflammation because it is the biggest cause of fatigue and autoimmune disease which overwhelms the body as we age. 

Beans are an amazing source of protein, vitamins, fiber and calcium.  Red beans like pinto, and kidney beans contain more antioxidants than any other vegetable. Garbanzo beans, black beans and red beans are recommended to fight inflammation. 

A senior nutrition super food like pomegranate is usually best served as a juice since we don’t usually consume the skin and that is where most of the antioxidants are found.  Pomegranate decreases bad cholesterol and has been shown to reduce risk of heart disease.

Salmon has been shown to be a senior nutrition super food for its good source of protein and high omega-3 fatty acids.  The potassium in salmon can be beneficial for seniors who may be suffering from fatigue or muscle related problems. 

Blueberries are another fruit loaded in antioxidants and also a good source of fiber.   This magical fruit has been shown to boost brainpower and are delicious addition to any breakfast such as oatmeal, frozen in a protein shake, or served in yogurt as a tasty snack. 

 When it comes to better health and cleaner eating for a healthier lifestyle, it is important to never skip a meal.  Some may think skipping a meal will result in weight loss.  This usually only leads to poor eating choices later on in the day when we are extremely hungry and will cause the metabolism to slow down.  Water intake is also crucial to healthier eating and feeling better.  Eight to ten glasses a day are recommended for hydration.

 On top of eating better and other nutrition tips for seniors, eating with those we love is also important to health.  Cleaner eating with friends and family will help us to feel better both physically and emotionally.  When whipping up something delicious for dinner, it always tastes better when sprinkled with love.

If you would like to learn more about senior nutrition super foods and caring and consistent in-home assisted living from highly trained and compassionate caregivers in your area, call 805-687-7777 for more information.  Our friendly staff can also answer any questions about the many benefits of professional live in senior care or dementia and Alzheimer’s care.   The compassionate senior care specialists at Senior Helpers can also guide you through the process of receiving the Veterans Administration Aid and Attendance Benefit if your elderly loved one is a veteran.   In home senior care allows your loved one to stay in the comforts of their own home for as long as possible while receiving the level of care they need. Senior Helpers of Santa Barbara provides a wide range of services including Alzheimer’s and dementia care, personal assistance, companionship, and so much more to all areas of Santa Barbara, Goleta, Lompoc, Santa Ynez, and Carpinteria, California.


Nutrition Tips for Seniors