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Serving Santa Barbara and surrounding areas.
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Serving Santa Barbara and surrounding areas.
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Interesting Trips in Elderly Home Care

Multigenerational vacations seem to be a recurring theme and growing trend among the newest generation of seniors.  More and more families are planning their trips with their aging loved ones.  According to a University of Florida study, multigenerational travel has increased tremendously and now accounts for over one fifth of all trips taken with children.  It is becoming more important that grandchildren get to know their grandparents, including during a family getaway.  Our aging loved ones desire to remain an active part of our family.  Bringing them along on vacation will help them to stay connected and apart of new and exciting memories.  Leaving Santa Barbara and seeing new things together is invigorating.

Interesting trips for various generations mean that the best vacations are ones that manage time spent together wisely.  For some families, not having a full twenty-four-hour contact is best to not get tired of one another.  Perhaps the senior adults do something they like such as visiting a flea market or relax on the beach while the younger part of the family attends a local attraction or amusement park.  With good planning, you can meet up for dinner and have interesting stories to share about what happened throughout the day. 

One interesting choice for a travel destination has no set location at all.  A cruise vacation tends to meet all travel criteria for making an interesting trip for various generations.  Cruise ships offer a wide variety of activities in one spot while traveling to locations in the Caribbean, Alaska or other popular spots.   It helps to not feel locked in to your family’s schedule and that everyone can be easily entertained with shuffle board, a casino, dancing, swimming, and more without feeling pressure to do the same things together. 

Another popular vacation destination is a road trip to our nation’s great National Parks.  Some families are renting RV for more space and options to rest while on the road.   Take the time to visit local eateries and explore lands not necessarily in your home state.  Experiencing new wonders of the country and seeing new sights together is a wonderful way to bond as a family.    

For many families, a simple vacation spent at a rented house on the beach is the way to go.  In most cases, renting a home near a vacation destination can be more affordable than booking several nights at a hotel and you will have free reign to relax and spread out.  Not only are these vacation homes popular near beach locations, they are also a wonderful option during the fall in the woods in the Poconos, Catskills, or other mountainous locations throughout the United States.  The family will appreciate being close to one another but not have to share a room as in hotel.

Traveling with an aging loved one does not have to be complicated.  With a little creative thinking, you can come up with an interesting trip for various generations that will include your senior loved one and keep them an active part of the family.

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