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Serving Santa Barbara and surrounding areas.
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Serving Santa Barbara and surrounding areas.
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In Home Care During the Holidays

Christmas season is finally upon us and it is time to celebrate by spending quality time with family and friends; sharing not only gifts and delicious meals together but also creating important memories, especially with our older family members. Family reunions often happen around Christmas time due to busy work schedules and other life events which make Christmas the most important holiday of the year. Sadly like all great things Christmas has to eventually pass and quickly life returns to normalcy during the winter months. Your elderly loved ones, however, may be facing daily struggles during the winter season. It’s easy to help them out with daily tasks when you’ve traveled to visit them, or finally have time off from your job, you can’t always be there for them. The daily tasks, sadly, never stop for our loved ones and they will continue to pile up. Tasks as simple as cleaning the home can be a herculean task for senior citizens, often times very dangerous. 

The winter season poses new difficulty to our beloved elderly family members who may be struggling now more than ever as the weather continues to worsen and traveling becomes even more difficult. They may also feel more isolated than ever as people spend less time outside and less willing to check in on their neighbors, taking a toll on your loved one’s mental health. While we often think that caregivers only work in senior citizen homes, in-home care is available for both long term and short term plans at reasonable cost. In-home care gives your loved one the ability to live in a comfortable environment independently, but with the many perks of living in a senior care facility such as help doing daily tasks. Friendly and compassionate caregivers will provide high quality in-home care for your loved one doing things such as cooking healthy nutritious meals and providing a safe means of transport. Senior Helpers will also provide much needed social interaction that many senior citizens are unable to get during the winter months and can be trapped indoors with minimal social interaction for weeks. Senior Helpers of Santa Barbara are experienced and dependable and offer a wide array of services such as grooming, bathing, general hygiene, eating, and mobility, both inside and outside of their home. Not only will your loved one appreciate the relaxation from not having to do daily tasks, they will always have someone near to prevent falls, provide timely medication reminders and prepare them nutritious meals without all of the prep work. Numerous studies have proven that additional social interactions reduce stress levels and can provide crucial emotional support. Additional social interaction may also be key to preventing senior depression, which spikes in the winter months. Because Senior Helpers offers in-home care, your elderly family members are able to maintain their independence in the comfort of their own home. The Senior Helpers of Santa Barbara are thoroughly background screened, interviewed, insured and bonded to ensure the safety of those you love.

Unfortunately as we return to the status quo after the holidays we once again become busy with work and other life stresses and are unable to provide our loved ones with the care they need especially when they live independently. The holidays aren’t the only time they will need someone to help around the home or just lend an ear. Working a job, however, means we can’t always be there. That’s where Senior Helpers can ensure your loved ones are being taken care of, from the safety of their own home. Safety and stability shouldn’t have to come at the cost of independence and Senior Helpers will allow your loved one to be safe, secure and most importantly happily independent outside of a nursing home. Your elderly loved one will be able to maintain their independence while maintaining peace of mind knowing that your loved one will remain safe.  Senior Helpers in home care services are available in all areas of Santa Barbara, Goleta, Lompoc, Santa Ynez, and Carpinteria, California. We value your loved ones and will always treat them with the utmost care. Call 805-687-7777 for more information and learn about our services. Plans are available for both short-term needs, such as the winter months where seniors can face the most difficulty or long-term if your loved one finds they appreciate the support. All plans are available without a contract, with flexible scheduling – absolutely no penalties for schedule changes.