How to Prepare Your Home's Guest Room for Relatives With Dementia
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Serving Santa Barbara and surrounding areas.
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How to Prepare Your Home's Guest Room for Relatives With Dementia

Holidays can be hectic, especially when an individual is hosting family get-togethers in Santa Barbara and they have visitors with dementia staying in their guest room. The daily life for someone with dementia can be challenging, but a simple modification in their rooms can make their holiday more pleasant and easier.

A relative with dementia sees things differently, and everything can be frightening. They may perceive shadows as sinister beings, or an oil spot may be seen as a hole. Therefore, making their everyday tasks easier will help them stay independent and reduce anxiety and stress during family get-togethers in Lompoc.

The following are modifications to guest rooms hosting relatives with dementia.

1. Keep the Room Clutter Free

A clutter-free room is safe for relatives living with dementia during the holiday. When preparing the room, one should remove unnecessary clutter but don't remove all items. Get rid of things that make the room unhealthy and unsafe and leave things that seem familiar. For instance, remove mugs, loose change, laptops, and stacks of books and pictures that make it difficult to decipher the room.

Other items to remove are large wall mirrors which make it difficult to differentiate what's real from reflection, curled edges on carpets, slippery throw rugs, toys, and footstools.

Furthermore, a cluttered room makes it difficult for someone with dementia to find items they need in the room. One should focus on things that the senior loved one uses the most to help them get what they need.

2. Inspect the Bathroom

When hosting relatives with dementia during the holiday, the following are things to do to their bathroom:

  • One should remove the bathroom door locks to prevent them from locking you out or locking themselves in.
  • The bathroom should also have large non-skid bath mats to prevent the tiles from being slippery.
  • To prevent your relative from getting scalded, install temperature-controlled faucets.
  • Install safety grab bars which also serve as toilet paper holders or towel bars
  • Ensure the bathroom outlets have ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) so that they will shut off when they get wet.
  • Determine whether the relative with dementia needs a raised toilet or a shower chair.

3.  Use Contrasting Colors but Minimize the Patterns

Loved ones living with dementia see objects clearly when contrasting colors exist. For example, painting the bathroom door a different color or placing a red cup on a white placement.

However, too many decorations have a negative effect that can complicate their visuals and make it hard to see things. Also, too many clashing patterns can lead to agitation due to too much visual stimulation.

4. Install Better Lighting

Proper lighting makes the room clear for loved ones with dementia. It helps reduce the source of confusion as they will have a clear view of their surroundings and reduce falls.

Great lighting reduces glares, shadows, and reflections that can confuse them. The room should also have as much natural light as possible. Cut any foliage around the room and open the curtains to prevent natural light inhibition and potential shadows.

5. Ensure the Flooring is Safe

The room flooring should be as safe as possible to prevent slips and falls for loved ones during the holiday. Refrain from having reflective and shiny floors in Ojai as it will make your loved ones think the floor is wet, making it difficult for them to walk over.

Remove the mats and rugs from the floor as they can make them slip and confuse them for something else, such as holes.

6. Label Drawers and Rooms or Leave the Door Open

Labeling the rooms and drawers is a good way to make life livable for relatives with dementia during the holiday. It is also more helpful when the labels have text and images to help the relative with dementia navigate the house easier and prevent them from getting lost.

Additionally, because relatives with dementia may not remember how to locate their rooms in the home during the holiday, consider leaving the interior doors open.

7. Reduce Excess Noise

Loved ones with dementia often rely on their sensory responses and inputs rather than their intellectual level. According to the social care institute for excellence, a noisy environment affects people with dementia as the noise can overstimulate them and make them anxious.

Therefore, one should reduce cutlery and clatter, common around the house during holidays in Ventura, as they can make relatives with dementia more anxious.

8. Check the Kitchen

If the room hosting your relative with dementia during the holiday in Goleta has a kitchen, you should ensure the following:

  • Unplug the microwave
  • Install an automatic device to switch off the stove if no movement is detected after a certain period.
  • Dementia can weaken the temperature sensitivity of the loved one; therefore, one should have automatic temperature-controlled water faucets.
  • Keep electric appliances and knives in a cabinet or drawer with a childproof lock.


The rest of your family members may be comfortable during holiday gatherings, but that may not be the case for relatives with dementia. However, simple changes and adjustments in their rooms can make them enjoy the holiday like the rest of the family.

For individuals seeking in-home care in Santa Barbara or Ojai, Senior Helpers of Santa Barbara has trained staff to help with companion and personal care for loved ones with dementia during the holidays. Contact us today and learn more.