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Serving Santa Barbara and surrounding areas.
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Serving Santa Barbara and surrounding areas.
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We're Preventing Falls all Winter Long

As people age, the chance of a fall that is significant or causes injury increases, so knowing how to prevent a fall is an important part of providing care to aging seniors.  In the hazy heat of summer time, falls can become even more of a threat due to dizziness, blurred vision and confusion that come along with even moderate dehydration.  Rather than living reactively, a proactive approach to fall prevention can often make an enormous difference.  So how do you plan ahead to prevent falls this fall and winter season? 

First of all, hydrate and focus on preventing dehydration.  The better the body feels, the more apt to maintain balance you are.  Adequate fluid intake is essential as part of preventative health care in an elderly loved one.  Make sure your loved one always has a cool beverage at arm’s reach.  Many people balk at drinking water.  Water is very important and every effort should be made to drink at least eight glasses of water or some form of liquid every day.  Treatment of many illnesses begins with prevention.  Dehydration is no exception.  When your loved one is hydrated, there is one less worry regarding their safety.  Secondly, work on fall prevention activities year-round, whether that means removing things that could be stumbling blocks or focus on strength training.  You can call on the experienced and highly trained support of a caregiver from Senior Helpers of Santa Barbara, 805-687-7777.

During the fall and approaching winter months, it is especially important to keep your elderly loved one safe when they live independently in their home.  Fall prevention includes a regular strengthening exercise program and practicing them daily to maintain muscle tone for good balance.  If at all possible, have your loved one see a physical therapist.  Another way to help your loved one to live safely in their home is to have their vision and hearing checked regularly so issues with balance due to eyesight and hearing can be addressed.  Getting a vision check up at least once a year can make sure your loved one is getting the right prescription in their eyeglasses to maximize their vision.  If you are unable to provide the transportation due to living a long distance, you can rely on the dependable transportation to and from local appointments from Senior Helpers of Santa Barbara. In home senior care and reliable transportation is available to all areas of Santa Barbara, Goleta, Lompoc, Santa Ynez, and Carpinteria, California. 

When at all possible, help your elderly loved one to identify their physical limits.  They need to understand that whenever they feel dizzy, weak or any type of light headedness, they should have a plan in place such as always having something to hold onto or sit on nearby.  If you and your family would like peace of mind, you can depend on the highly trained senior care provided by Senior Helpers of Santa Barbara to keep your loved one safe.  Dependable caregivers understand that families want to make it possible for their elderly loved one to live to their full potential in the comforts of their home and continue to live with dignity.  While falls are a threat to the health and independence of an elderly loved one and can significantly limit their ability to remain self sufficient, the opportunity to reduce falls has never been better, especially with the experienced assistance of a caregiver from Senior Helpers of Santa Barbara. 

When it comes to preventing unnecessary injury due to falls, you can count on the care provided by Senior Helpers of Santa Barbara to keep your loved one safe in their home.  This will guarantee that your loved one is on a plan to have a point of contact every day or for a few hours a day.  It is important to know the side effects of medication and to have a plan to counteract any negative effects that could cause falls.  It may be beneficial to have your loved one’s doctor review their medicines to identify the ones that may cause side effects or interactions such as dizziness or drowsiness.  It important to relay the message to your elderly loved one that they need to keep their bones strong with calcium and Vitamin D.  Dependable senior care services are available on a short or long term, non-contractual basis, with flexible scheduling to meet your loved one’s unique set of needs.  In home senior care brings an extra set of eyes around your loved one’s home to make the home safer by eliminating any hazards that might cause a fall.  There are instances where no matter how hard you prepare, a fall can’t be prevented.  In those instances, it is helpful to have a companion or caregiver around for immediate response. 

Senior Helpers proudly serves all areas of Santa Barbara, Goleta, Lompoc, Santa Ynez, and Carpinteria, California to give your family peace of mind and daily reassurance that your elderly loved one is living safely in their home.