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Serving Santa Barbara and surrounding areas.
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How Learning Improves Senior Health and In Home Help

How Learning Improves Senior Health and In Home Help

With retirement comes lots of free time that might not otherwise have been enjoyed.  With plenty of time to spend doing all things enjoyable, it is helpful to keep the mind stimulated and active.  Each new learning opportunity improves memory, increases self-confidence, and helps to build on skills already learned and add new experiences. 

As a society, we all need to learn to maintain a healthy mind just as we do the body with diet and exercise.  Learning new skills such for a challenging hobby such photography, learning to play a card game like bridge, or quilting are great for encouraging active engagement and working memory and other high cognitive processes.  The hope is that by maintaining an active brain, it is possible to defer the early onset cognitive aging. 

Technology is a wonderful tool for staying in touch with ones that we love.  A phone or video call are great ways to stay socially connected with loved ones who live far away.  Creating memory books online to enjoy for years to come are also great ways to use technology.  Learning to use the computer is beneficial for keeping the mind active as well as a tool for staying connected. 

There are many benefits to lifelong learning and keeping the mind mentally engaged.  Daily learning helps to prevent memory loss like with Alzheimer’s disease, improves brain health, makes sleeping easier, and reduces stress.   Learning is also helpful with developing an ability to adapt to change. 

Finding ways to learn new things and to keep the mind active does not necessarily mean actually going to college.  There are many other types of classes available within the local community.  The Parks and Recreation department usually offers a variety of courses that might entice your senior loved one. Participating in local seminars and classes after retirement is a wonderful way to pursue interests that have fallen by the wayside due to lack of time while working full time. 

Learning to dance, speak a new language, or use technology for social media apps, always open doors to new opportunities.  Learning increases self-confidence, encourages a senior loved one to meet new people, creates new interests to enjoy, and keeps the mind sharp.  There’s no end in sight for what can be achieved with learning a new skill or hobby.

If you would like to learn more about caring and consistent in home help for the elderly and the many benefits of professional  in home senior care, call Senior Helpers of Santa Barbara to speak to a senior care specialist today 805-687-7777!   In home senior care and in home assisted living allows your loved one to stay in the comforts of their own home for as long as possible while receiving the level of care they need. When you and your family are considering the many options available to help your elderly loved one cope with Alzheimer’s or other dementia related disease, look to Senior Helpers of Santa Barbara, to make a customized care plan complete with Senior Gems geared to their ability level.  Senior Helpers of Santa Barbara proudly offers in home senior care to all areas of Santa Barbara.  Services are available on a long or short term basis with no contract to sign and flexibility in scheduling.  Call 805-687-7777 today to learn more about productive activities to help your elderly loved one to find a sense of value and purpose in their life.