How to Utilize Telehealth Services in 2023 for Improved Quality of Life as a Senior
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Serving San Mateo and surrounding areas.
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How to Utilize Telehealth Services in 2023 for Improved Quality of Life as a Senior

As technology advances, more and more seniors in our community are taking advantage of telehealth services to help improve their quality of life. The use of telehealth has increased dramatically in recent years and is expected to continue its growth into 2023 as more people understand its benefits for senior citizens. Telehealth services include everything from virtual doctor appointments and consults to remote monitoring devices for chronic conditions. Essentially, telehealth services allow seniors to stay involved with their healthcare providers without leaving their homes.

In this blog post from Senior Helpers San Mateo, we will discuss why seniors would benefit from utilizing telehealth services in 2023 and how they can access these services locally. 

Improved Access to Care

Telehealth services improve access to health care for seniors in many ways. With telehealth, there is no need for a senior to travel long distances and take additional transportation costs into account for medical appointments or other procedures. 

Instead, the service can be done remotely via phone or video call with doctors and physicians located close to the senior's home. This means that even if a doctor is not available nearby, a senior is still able to receive quality healthcare from the convenience of their own home, saving time and money on transportation costs. 

Increased Convenience 

Telehealth services also eliminate the hassle of scheduling and waiting to receive medical assistance. Instead, seniors can reach out to qualified healthcare professionals at their convenience. 

Additionally, they do not have to worry about any potential gaps between appointments as telehealth allows for an ongoing care plan that keeps the patient informed of any changes or updates regarding their health status. The senior is also able to be more involved in their care plan as telehealth offers personalized attention with follow-up sessions and consultations without having to leave home. 

Reduced Costs 

Another great benefit of telehealth services in 2023 is the cost savings. Medication and other treatments can be very expensive because there are a variety of different options available. Telehealth allows for a doctor or physician to make personalized recommendations that best suit their patient's needs which could lead to lower overall healthcare costs. Depending on your insurance provider, these consultations may be covered at no additional expense, which further reduces the financial burden for senior citizens looking for improved quality health care services. 

How to Access Telehealth Services in 2023 

If you are a senior looking to access telehealth services in 2023, there are many options available. Many area providers offer virtual appointments via phone or video call with physicians specializing in geriatrics.

It's important to research different options available in your area and determine which provider best suits the needs of your situation before selecting one for consultation. You can also ask local senior centers or community organizations for telehealth services in your area. Finally, make sure to ask your doctor if they offer telehealth services. Many offices provide this service but don't necessarily advertise them.

Senior Helpers Provides Premium Senior Care

In 2023, telehealth is expected to be even more popular due to its convenience, cost savings, and personalized attention. Seniors in the San Mateo, Redwood City, Burlingame, and Millbrae area who are looking for improved care should strongly consider telehealth services to be informed about all the various healthcare options. If you are looking for personalized senior care, Senior Helpers San Mateo can help. Contact us to learn more about our services.