7 Ways Seniors Can Protect Their Eyes From Strain While Enjoying Hobbies
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Serving San Mateo and surrounding areas.
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How Seniors Can Avoid Eye Strain While Enjoying Their Hobbies

Eye strain is a common condition caused by long periods of activity that involve prolonged eye focus. Basically, it's your eyes getting sore and tired from extended, intense use.

Although it affects people of all ages, seniors are more prone because many already have vision difficulties. So, seniors who enjoy screen-based hobbies or engage in hobbies with little visual details, such as reading a physical book or knitting, are at risk of eye strain.

Rather than quit your hobbies, protect your eyes to reduce eye strain risk as you enjoy them through the tips below:

1. Schedule annual eye checkups

Rather than wait until the symptoms start appearing,schedule annual eye checkups. Regular checkups could help identify issues before they become serious complications or manage an eye condition if you have one. 

2. Take regular breaks

A common and effective method is the 20-20-20 rule. It involves taking 20 seconds to focus on an object 20 feet away every 20 minutes when focusing on your hobby. It gives your eyes a break from the near focus, which leads to strain.

Also, don't spend too much time staring at the screen. At the very least, take five-minute breaks every 30 minutes to relax your eyes and body.

3. Lubricate your eyes

Even if your eyes aren't feeling dry, you might consider lubricating them from time to time usingOTC artificial tears. There are several types of eye drops; you should let your doctor recommend the one you should use, especially if you've ever had any eye condition.

4. Have adequate lighting

When focusing on a screen or a task, your eyes will have an easier time focusing if the room is well-lit. Contrary to popular opinion, eye strain is more common when focusing on poor lighting or at night. Ensure the room is softly lit to make it easier for your eyes to focus.

5. Place the screen or object you're focusing on strategically

Hold the screen lower than eye level to keep your eye in a comfortable position when enjoying your screen-related hobby. It prevents the need for the eye to struggle to lift towards the screen.

6. Antiglare screen covers

If your digital device is causing your eye strain, anti-glare screen covers can reduce the glare, making it easier to focus on the objects on the screen.

7. Stop the eye-straining activity

The easiest way to fix and prevent eye strain for seniors is to stop engaging in or reduce time spent on eye-straining activities. If you can't stop it, set the number of hours to engage in it daily to give your eyes a break, and ensure you follow the above instructions.

Keep Your Eyes Healthy for Longer

Eye strain is caused by fatigue in the eye muscles. To avoid it, you must manage how much time you spend focusing on your hobby and take regular breaks. You should engage in these focus-heavy activities under adequate lighting and keep your eyes lubricated. 

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