Is It Time for a Nursing Home? What Are the Best Options?
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Serving San Luis Obispo and surrounding areas.
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Is It Time for a Nursing Home? What Are the Best Options?

Is It Time for a Nursing Home? What Are the Best Options?

Many families wish to be with their seniors around the clock. However, juggling between other activities and making their loved ones' lives stress-free may be challenging. A recent medical assessment or new medical needs may also force families to seek an external source of help. 

That's where nursing homes or other care facilities may come to your rescue. Read on to discover various care options and their services to get the right fit for your loved one.  

Care Options to Consider

When cherry-picking the ideal fit for a senior loved one, be sure it meets their specific needs. 

Nursing Homes

These long-term facilities are the best option for senior citizens who require maximum nursing services around the clock. They have licensed nurses to provide professional assistance to residents. The facilities may also offer short-term rehabilitative accommodation for loved ones recuperating from an injury, illness, or surgery. 

Senior Independent Living (Retirement Communities)

This option is for seniors who can still lead independent lives. The apartments may have various housing types such as studio, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom. Most of them have various private payment packages that provide things such as custom meals, social outings, and entertainment. 

Assisted Living (Personal Care Homes/Communities)

Even if senior citizens don't need maximum nursing care, they may be unable to live safely and independently. That's when you can consider assisted living. 

These facilities have workers who assist residents with daily activities such as cooking, housekeeping, medications, and transportation. Does the senior love entertainment? They'll get plenty of it too! 

Residential Care Homes

A senior client may want to live with fellow seniors in a home-like private environment. This option has caretakers who assist seniors in daily and personal activities such as dressing and bathing. 

Memory Care

Memory care facilities provide 24/7 support to seniors with impaired memory, dementia, and Alzheimer's. They usually have professionals and special activities to make the elderly's life a breeze. 

Home Care

Here, the elderly live in their own homes and get assistance from caretakers. The caretakers help them with activities of daily living (ADL, such as cooking and dressing), plus instrumental ADLs (such as clearing bills) 24/7, during certain periods, or on weekends. 

How to Evaluate the Best Fit

It's crucial to do your due diligence when choosing the right place for an elderly person. Here are some of the things to check off your list:

Consider the Loved One's Needs

Determine the elderly's needs plus desires and if the facility provides them- from nursing care to religious connections and special care. For example, they may desire a place close to home or friends. 

Seek Reviews and Referrals

Hospital staff, friends, family, and in-home caretakers can know the right places that your loved one will find comfortable. You can also visit online platforms to find out what people say about a facility. 

Contact Various Facilities

By now, you've compiled a list of specific suitable facilities. Reach out to them via channels such as phone or website and ask questions. How many current residents are there? What about services? Don't forget to ask about the waiting list.

Visit the Facility and Do Your Own Quality Assessment

Narrow down to a few providers and plan to see their directors. Once again, ask as many relevant questions as possible. Be observant of how the facility takes care of senior citizens. For example, check handicap access, certifications, and interaction between workers and residents. The goal is to ensure your loved one will have a stress-free stay at the facility.

Get Professional Senior Helpers from San Luis Obispo County

You can now cherry-pick the right pairs of extra hands to give your elderly parent maximum care. Whether it's a senior nursing home, care facility, or in-home service, be sure you aren't short-changed. 

Are you or your loved one considering hiring an in-home senior care service in San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, Atascadero, Paso Robles, and Arroyo Grande? Senior Helpers of San Luis Obispo County are at your service. You'll love all our services—from housekeeping to meal preparation and other daily living activities. Contact us now to learn more about us.