6 Ways to Minimize the Risk of the Flu If You Take Care of Your Senior Parents
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6 Ways to Minimize the Risk of the Flu If You Take Care of Your Senior Parents

6 Ways to Minimize the Risk of the Flu If You Take Care of Your Senior Parents

When the cold season sets in, the risk of flu increases and we have to be extra cautious to avoid contracting the infection. If you take care of senior parents, you would probably want to take strict measures to minimize the risk of the flu. That’s because as we age, our immune system may become compromised and the ability to fight off infections may reduce significantly. As such, you may want to take precautions to ensure the safety of senior citizens.  

Here are six easy ways to minimize the risk of the flu.

Get a Flu Vaccine

One of the most effective ways to minimize the risk of the flu is by getting the flu shot. In addition to helping reduce the chances of contracting the virus that causes the flu, the vaccine also makes the flu less severe if seniors become ill. This is particularly important for senior parents who have underlying health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Adult children who take care of senior parents should ensure their senior loved ones get the flu shot every year to reduce complications that could lead to severe illnesses such as pneumonia.

Keep the House Ventilated

In addition to keeping the air fresh, proper ventilation reduces the risk of airborne diseases. It promotes healthy well-being by minimizing contamination in their immediate environment.

Maintain Hygiene

Seniors and those around them should wash their hands regularly with soap and clean water to minimize the risk of contracting the flu virus. They should also cough or sneeze into a disposable tissue and dispose of it immediately. The CDC recommends covering the mouth while coughing or sneezing as the flu virus is transmitted via saliva droplets from infected persons.

Caregivers should also consider sanitizing commonly touched surfaces, including door knobs, and electronic devices, such as phones and tablets. This helps kill germs, hence reducing the risk of spreading the virus when someone is ill. Seniors should also avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth to avoid spreading germs from contaminated surfaces.

Eat Healthy and Stay Active

Consider providing a healthy diet, especially one that improves the immune system. Taking plenty of fluids and getting enough sleep also help improve the immune system, and this in turn reduces the risk of infections.

Staying active, on the other hand, helps improve the immune system, which in turn helps the body fight off infections including the flu.

Avoid Crowded Places

The virus that causes the flu is highly contagious. As such, seniors should avoid crowded places to minimize the risk of infection, especially in rooms without proper ventilation. If your senior loved one has a health condition, they should stay at home to be safe. This minimizes the chances of coming into contact with infected persons.

Maintain Social Distance

If getting out of the house is inevitable, maintaining social distance may help minimize the risk of infections. Adult children who are busy with other equally important responsibilities can get help from professional caregivers to help seniors with their daily activities while also keeping them company.

Keep Your Senior Loved Ones Safe and Healthy with Senior Helpers of Riverside

While adult children may have other responsibilities that would limit their ability to take care of their senior parents, they may consider seeking professional help from Senior Helpers of Riverside. Our professional caregivers are dedicated to providing the best in-home senior care in Riverside, Hemet, Moreno Valley, and San Jacinto to give your senior loved one the care and company they need. Contact us for more information.