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Serving Riverside and surrounding areas.
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Winter Fall Prevention and In Home Senior Care

Winter Fall Prevention and In Home Senior Care

Winter fall prevention takes a little planning and possibly some acceptance that the risk is higher for a senior loved one.  Your loved one may need to be reminded to take small steps and aim for the use of handrails whenever possible.  Perhaps, it should be routine to check the weather before leaving home.  If snow or freezing rain is expected; reschedule activities that take place outside of the home.  While you may not be able to keep your senior loved one from falling this winter, but you can follow these tips to possibly prevent a serious injury.

The winter can bring treacherous conditions to our roads and sidewalks.  Senior slips in the snow can be particularly dangerous this time of year.  Your elderly loved one may not realize just how slick the sidewalks may be and a fall could cause a lot of damage to their body.  Many elders will suffer a bone fracture of one kind or another, especially in their hips, ankles, shoulders and wrist.  Unfortunately, a fracture of this kind can be critically life changing.  This is why it is vitally important to do our best to prevent a fall for our senior loved ones this time of year.  Be sure to keep an elderly loved one’s doorsteps and sidewalks clear of all ice and snow to prevent slips and falls.  Add a layer of salt to prevent any refreezing.  If distance makes clearing a loved one’s driveway difficult, perhaps look into a local snow removal service to help out when there is any significant snowfall.  The little extra cost will be great peace of mind of your loved one’s safety for you and your family.

Senior slips in winter can be prevented simply by reminding our elderly loved ones to wear the proper footwear.  It is important to avoid shoes that are worn out and keep a pair of boots that have good traction and soles that include anti-skid material.  While it is helpful to wear winter footwear; it’s still good to remind our loved ones to take their time when moving from one location to another.   Remind your senior loved one to step carefully and take their time when they can’t tell if the path is clear.  Black ice, or clear ice, can be threatening this time of year and catch an elderly loved one off guard by the thin coating of glaze on walking surfaces.  Whenever possible, offer a hand of assistance to your elderly loved one as they exit and enter a new location to keep them straight and steady.

The coldest months of the year can also be the loneliest.  The days seems shorter and cloudy days with less sunlight can put a damper on anyone’s mood.  It is extremely beneficial to an elderly loved one to have some company.  A phone call or a visit will be helpful to boost your loved one’s mood and have positive effects on the week ahead. 

If you would like to learn more about winter fall prevention with caring and consistent in home help for the elderly and the many benefits of professional in home senior care, call Senior Helpers of Riverside to speak to a senior care specialist today 951-248-0543!   In home senior care and in home assisted living allows your loved one to stay in the comforts of their own home for as long as possible while receiving the level of care they need. When you and your family are considering the many options available to help your elderly loved one cope with Alzheimer’s or other dementia related disease, look to Senior Helpers of Riverside, to make a customized care plan geared to their ability level.  Senior Helpers of Riverside proudly offers in home senior care to all areas of Riverside.  Services are available on a long or short-term basis with no contract to sign and flexibility in scheduling.