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Serving Northern Riverside County and surrounding areas of the Inland Empire:
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Home Care for the Holidays

Home Care for the Holidays

This festive time of year, families gather together and enjoy the joyous occasion together.  You may have a family member who provides the bulk of the caregiving for an elderly family member.  Perhaps they would like a break to attend to their holiday needs.  Giving the gift of help would entail offering to care your elderly loved one, even for just a few hours, so your family member can get away to recharge and regroup in preparation for the holidays.

During this Christmas season, take the time to discuss the option of in home care for aging parents or grandparent.  By allowing your loved ones the independence and dignity to remain in their own home, while also receiving the in home senior care they need; you get the best of both worlds.  Senior Helpers of Riverside can provide the in home senior care your aging parents require.  Whether it is for daily companionship or for personal care needs, Senior Helpers can work with you and your family to find the right option for your loved one.  

Throughout the year, it may be difficult to understand the gravity of your aging parent’s needs.  Thousands of adults live further away from their aging parents as they would like, and find it difficult to attend to their senior care.  Distance should not have to be a factor in making a decision for your loved one’s needs.  During your visit with your family this holiday season, take the time to truly assess what might benefit your senior parents.  Perhaps the household chores have fallen behind, or your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, or maybe they just need some assistance with daily activities to live successfully in their own home within their familiar community.  Home care does not necessarily mean they need to uproot their entire life and move from their beloved home they have built and grown to love through the year.  Give the gift of peace of mind to yourself and trust in Senior Helpers of Riverside to be there for your loved ones this holiday season and throughout the upcoming new year. 

This is the gift-giving season; a time filled with joy and goodwill.  This is the time of year when most families get together and spend time with one another.  There’s usually laughter and good food to be shared and many look forward to the memories that are sure to be made.  This time of year is a great time to think of those who might find getting around to these festivities a bit difficult to do on their own.  If you have an elderly loved one who would love to be more active in their community and get out and about more often, this is the time of year to give the gift of help.

The gift of help doesn’t have to come in the form of a long term commitment; it can be simply a ride to and from the local mall for shopping and dining out.  Your elderly loved one might also see this assistance as a gift from the heart, as well, because this would be time spent together.  This holiday season is the perfect time to carve out time to spend with those we love. 

If you would like to learn more about the many benefits of caring and consistent in home care for seniors  and professional dementia and Alzheimer’s care, call Senior Helpers to speak to an elderly care specialist today 951-248-0543!   Senior Helpers of Riverside provides a wide range of services including Alzheimer’s and dementia care, care for Parkinson’s Disease, companionship, personal assistance, and so much more to all areas of Riverside, Moreno Valley, Hemet, San Jacinto, Yucaipa,Calimesa, Beaumont.