Guide To Making An Emergency Medical Kit If You're Traveling Abroad With Elderly Relatives
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Guide To Making An Emergency Medical Kit If You're Traveling Abroad With Elderly Relatives

For elderly relatives traveling abroad, having a well-stocked emergency medical kit is one of the most important steps to ensure their safety and comfort in case of an emergency. In this guide, we'll cover what to include in your emergency medical kit as well as additional supplies you might want to consider if you and your elderly relative will be away for a longer period. 

Things To Include

In order to make sure that your kit covers all of the necessary bases, you should include a selection of medications and items including extra prescription medication for chronic conditions; cold and flu medications; antihistamines for allergies; insect repellent; antibiotic ointment for cuts or scrapes; and bandages and band-aids for minor injuries. Carefully consider anything your elderly loved one uses on a regular basis. By taking along the items you are most likely to need, you ensure that you have access to the brand your elderly loved one prefers. 

Additional Supplies To Consider

In addition to standard first aid kit supplies, you may want to consider your loved one's other likely needs. 

  • Mobility aids: Even if your loved one does not need a mobility aid like a cane or walker, you may find that the excitement and strain that often go along with travel make it more difficult for them to get around. If you have those items on hand, make sure you tuck them into your emergency kit--or purchase items you are likely to need. 
  • Medical records: If your loved one needs to be admitted to the hospital for any reason during their travels, having a copy of their medical records on hand can prove essential. 
  • Copies of regular prescriptions: Make sure you have copies of your loved one's prescriptions on hand in case you end up losing your supplies or are in a foreign country longer than anticipated. While you can often get those items eventually, it may be some time before you can get them in your hands. 
  • Emergency contact information: You may want to include emergency contact information for family members that you might need to contact in the event of an emergency as well as contact information for your loved one's doctor. Being able to consult directly with your loved one's care provider can be essential in the event of an emergency, including cases in which something unexpected might arise. 

Get More Help Caring For Senior Loved Ones When You Get Back Home

Having an emergency medical kit while traveling with elderly relatives is absolutely essential. While it can seem intimidating to pack one, by collecting medications and supplies in advance and including contact information for family members or doctors, you'll be able to sleep easier knowing that you have the majority of your bases covered in the event of an emergency. At Senior Helpers West Los Angeles, we can help with senior care when you get back home. Contact us today to learn more about our in-home care services for West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Westwood, Century City, Hollywood, West Hollywood, and Hollywood Hills residents.