VA and Senior Care: 5 Benefits You May Not Know About
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VA and Senior Care: 5 Benefits You May Not Know About

Are you a senior who has served in the military or a surviving spouse of a veteran? If so, you may be eligible for a variety of valuable benefits offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Many seniors may not be aware of the full range of benefits available to them, which can provide valuable support and improve their quality of life. 

Senior Helpers West Los Angeles will explore five distinct VA benefits that are designed specifically to help seniors age gracefully and maintain their independence.

1. Aid and Attendance Benefit

One of the most significant benefits offered by the VA is the Aid and Attendance Benefit. This financial assistance is designed specifically for seniors who require help with daily living activities, such as bathing, dressing, and eating. The funds can be used for various types of care, including in-home care, assisted living, or nursing home care. This depends on the senior's needs.

To be eligible for this benefit, seniors must be wartime veterans or their surviving spouses, and have a medical need for assistance with daily activities. They must also meet certain income and asset limitations. If you believe you or your loved one might qualify, you can apply for the Aid and Attendance Benefit through your local VA office.

2. Geriatrics and Extended Care Services

For seniors with complex healthcare needs, the VA provides Geriatrics and Extended Care Services. These comprehensive services aim to support seniors with chronic conditions or functional limitations resulting from aging. Some of the services offered include geriatric evaluations, home-based primary care, and respite care for family caregivers.

To access these services, seniors must be enrolled in the VA healthcare system and have a medical need for the services. To get started, contact your primary VA healthcare provider and discuss your needs with them.

3. Home Adaptations and Modifications

For seniors who are living with disabilities, the VA offers financial assistance to make necessary home modifications. These adaptations can make a home more accessible and comfortable for seniors with mobility impairments. Examples of modifications include installing wheelchair ramps, widening doorways, and remodeling bathrooms for accessibility.

To qualify for this benefit, seniors must be service-connected disabled veterans with a medical need for the modifications. Applications can be submitted through your local VA office, along with an assessment of your home and the required adaptations.

4. Adult Day Health Care

Adult Day Health Care is a valuable VA service that provides seniors with a safe, engaging, and supportive environment during the day. This service allows seniors to socialize with their peers and participate in various activities while also receiving meals and medical care as needed. 

To be eligible for Adult Day Health Care, seniors must be enrolled in the VA healthcare system and have a medical need for the services offered. You can access this service by contacting your local VA hospital or community-based outpatient clinic.

5. Veteran-Directed Care Program

The Veteran-Directed Care Program is an innovative initiative that empowers seniors to direct their own long-term care services and support. Through this program, seniors receive a flexible budget to hire caregivers, purchase necessary equipment, or make home modifications based on their unique needs and preferences.

To participate in this program, seniors must be enrolled in the VA healthcare system and have a medical need for long-term care services. To get started, reach out to your primary VA healthcare provider to discuss your interest in the program and your specific needs.

Start Your Senior Helpers Journey Today

From financial assistance for daily care to comprehensive healthcare services and home modifications, these VA benefits can make a significant difference for seniors and their caregivers. If you live in West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Westwood, Century City, Hollywood, West Hollywood, or Hollywood Hills and need assistance navigating these VA benefits, contact Senior Helpers West Los Angeles. We provide premium, personalized senior care solutions for senior adults.