How to Prepare for Travel and Labor Day Events During Three-Day Weekends
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How to Prepare for Travel and Labor Day Events During Three-Day Weekends

Labor Day weekend is upon us, and it presents an opportunity to spend time with family. It may mean long-distance travel from your home in Compton. For your elderly loved ones, while it is enjoyable to be with family, getting there is mostly a stressful ordeal. 

Follow the steps below for a more comfortable and simpler experience. 

Plan for Heavy Holiday Traffic 

92 million Americans expect to travel by car while 37 million by plane over the Labor Day weekend, according to a survey by The Vacationer. You can expect heavy traffic on most roads and crowds at the Long Beach airport. For seniors living with Alzheimer's and dementia, unfamiliar, crowded places can be frightening and frustrating. 

Plan ahead. Even better, involve them in the planning to ensure they know what to expect and feel part of the process. As you write down your schedule, provide enough time not to rush the seniors. 


Get to airports early if your senior loved one is mobility challenged and needs assistance. Most airlines reserve special seating for the elderly who rely on mobility devices to ensure more comfort. Sometimes, you will have to call the airline to make a reservation. Check if the airport offers wheelchairs or if you need to rent one. 

It is also a good idea to find out if a hotel caters to the dietary needs of your loved one before you reserve accommodation. In addition, the facility chosen must cater to their mobility needs. 

Organize and Pack Medication Beforehand 

Some seniors may need to visit the doctor before being given a clean bill of health to travel. Ensure you pack all medications for current health conditions and any the doctor may prescribe for traveling. Due to changes in routine and environment, they may not remember to take medicines on time. Set a reminder for them. 

Ensure the medication is easily accessible. Caregivers should not pack it in checked baggage but in a carry-on bag. 

Allow for Downtime 

During the holiday, it may be tempting to cram many activities when your mature loved ones visit you in Carson. Too much excitement can overwhelm them. Ensure you allocate sufficient rest time in your itinerary for them to recoup their strength. 

Traveling by road is exhausting for anyone but worse for senior citizens. To ease the journey, include bathroom stops every two hours and meal or snack breaks. While seeing all the sights in Avalon is okay for you, it may be a daunting task for them. 

Plan Ahead But Be Flexible 

Often, travel can present unpredictable challenges and delays, most of which are beyond your control. Therefore, even as you plan, be flexible. As a caregiver, being rigid can lead to frustration. Have a flexible schedule and expect that things may not go according to your plan. Arriving ahead of schedule may save you a lot of heartache and give your senior loved one ample time to rest. 

We know that geographical separation may make it difficult to care for your elderly loved one in Signal Hill. That should not stop you from providing them with all the care and support they need. At Senior Helpers Long Beach, we offer in-home care and all the help they need to carry out everyday tasks to ensure they have a high quality of life. Contact Senior Helpers Long Beach to learn more about how we can assist you.