Don't Let Cold Mornings or Evenings Interrupt Your Daily Walk: 6 Tips for Seniors In Long Beach
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Long Beach, Park Estates, Belmont Shores, Belmont Heights, Signal Hill, Carson, Avalon
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Don't Let Cold Mornings or Evenings Interrupt Your Daily Walk: 6 Tips for Seniors In Long Beach

It is the time of the year when temperatures drop below freezing, and you want to have the most beautiful walks and runs. Unfortunately for many seniors, the weather can make their already difficult activity even more challenging. Senior citizens can have difficulty walking in the cold mornings or evenings.  

Even if Long Beach, California is currently not experiencing severe cold weather, sometimes weather can be unpredictable. Nevertheless, cold mornings and evenings should not stand a chance against the schedule you've always had for yourself. This is where this article comes in! The following are six tips to help seniors continue with their daily walks routine without fear of cold mornings or evenings.

Warm-Up and Cool Down

It's undeniably important to warm up and ease into exercise when it's cold outside. This is because your muscles take some time to adjust to cold temperatures. You can warm up by stretching before moving out for a walk to restore and prepare your muscles.

Therefore, ensure you take about five minutes to warm your body up during cold weather. You can start by taking a 5-minute moderate walk for warm-up, but don't hesitate to take longer if it's very cold.

Consider the Extremities

Before moving out for a daily walk, be sure to take care of your hands, feet, and ears. This is because your blood-flow moves to your body's core in colder environments. Therefore, put on neck warmers, earmuffs, gloves, and glove lingers and thick socks before moving out for a walk.

Dress in Layers

Picking the right clothes before daily walks is as important as walking itself. Instead of wearing cotton-made clothes, consider synthetic fabrics as they wick away moisture, keeping your body dry and warmer. Wear the first layer of synthetic fabrics and then a fleece or wool layer on top to add more warmth. Moreover, don't forget to bring a spare jacket in case of the extreme cold outside.

Drink Enough Water

It's very important to drink a lot of water in cold weather since cold temperatures dehydrate. Water is essential because you will still break a sweat after walking a distance. Therefore, bring a bottle of water and take about one or two glasses of water during your walk to ensure you don't get to the point of feeling thirsty.

Wear Shoes With a Good Grip

Wearing shoes with good grip is extremely important, especially if you reside in Long Beach, Carson, Avalon, or Signal Hill. This is because of the icy and snow-covered sidewalks in these areas. Therefore, wear proper shoes and be extra careful while making your daily walking routine to avoid slipping and falling off. Sturdy shoes will provide you with proper footing as you walk around.

Walk With a Caregiver

This is the most important tip for our beloved seniors. This is because, when you're walking with a caregiver in your daily walks, you don't have to worry about the things that can get you down. Instead, you can focus on the beautiful scenery, the sunshine, and the people around you—and celebrate how great life is!

Walking with someone who cares about your well-being is like having another pair of eyes watching for your safety and comfort. Plus, they'll be there to remind you when it's time to take a break and sit down!

Therefore, don't hesitate to contact us for more inquiries about special care for our senior citizens living in Long Beach, Carson, Compton, Avalon, and Signal Hill.