4 Low-Sugar Holiday Recipes That Are Perfect for American Diabetes Month
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4 Low-Sugar Holiday Recipes That Are Perfect for American Diabetes Month

The holiday season is a time to get together with friends and family here in the Long Beach area. Often, these get-togethers include good food to go along with good company. Overindulgence is easy; those with diabetes must be extra careful during the holiday season since decadent, sugary treats and heavy foods can lead to serious health complications. Here is a guide to getting through the holidays for seniors with pre-diabetes or diabetes.


Enjoying a cocktail with friends and family may be on your list this holiday season; beware of the high sugar content of these festive drinks. Limit your intake to a cocktail, and drink plenty of water before and after enjoying the drink. Unsweetened tea helps digestion and is an excellent option to help your body digest sugars.

Snacks and Apps

The best snacks on the table are vegetables and nuts. If you are bringing a vegetable tray to a party, consider asparagus spears, radishes, and pea pods to complement the typical carrots and celery. Nuts that are lightly salted are better than honey-roasted or candied varieties, although you can enjoy these, too, in moderation. The appetizer table often has diabetic-friendly choices. Look for quiche bites, bruschetta, meatballs, and other protein-filled selections. Be mindful of sauces that may add sugars, such as bar-b-que sauce.

The Main Course

With the skin removed, fish and poultry are always great choices for diners managing their cholesterol. Avoid fried options. If red meat is on the menu, look for lean cuts; grass-fed beef offers the leanest options. Vegetarians also have many great choices, including tofu dishes and other meat alternatives.

Non-starchy vegetables should take up about half of your plate. Leafy choices like spinach and kale are rich in vitamins and low in carbs; the darker the leaf, the better it is for you. Other good fats include avocado and quinoa. Bring along a delicious and low-sugar salad dressing, such as an olive oil-based salad dressing. Check out these ideas for salad dressing.


Plan to enjoy a delicious dessert; limit your starchy options during the main course. Naturally sweetened and fruit desserts are the best choices. Enjoy a holiday sugar cookie or a couple of almond snowballs; everything is in moderation. Look for options with about 30 grams or less of carbohydrates per serving.

Tips to Get Through the Holidays

Eat Before You Go

A good rule of thumb for attending get-togethers is to eat before you head out. You'll be less inclined to fill a plate out of hunger and will be able to choose, letting your head guide your choices.

Bring Your Snacks

You can bring snacks to accompany the offerings for any event. Pack some almond flour or multi-seed crackers to go along with the cheese tray, avoiding crackers on the tray that may raise blood sugar. Bring nuts, fresh veggies, and fruits to accompany other choices at the table. Don't forget to stay hydrated.

Take a Walk

Signal Hill and surrounding areas usually have favorable weather for outdoor activities, even in winter. Keep your physical activities going, especially during the busy holiday season. Exercise helps control weight and keeps your heart healthy.  

Seniors in the Long Beach area--including Carson, Avalon, Signal Hill,  and Compton--can stay on track in managing diabetes and pre-diabetes with some planning and enjoying the holiday festivities in moderation. Senior Helpers, Long Beach's premier provider for in-home care, can help seniors manage their diets and help with other things in the home. Contact us today to learn how we can help!