3 Exercises That Help With Balance and Fall Prevention
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3 Exercises That Help With Balance and Fall Prevention

Research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that one in 4 senior citizens falls each year. These mild or severe injuries emanate from mobility and independence loss. But why is old age affiliated with falling? The reasons vary, but the top among them is the steady loss of muscle strength in the lower legs. Luckily, a good exercise regimen can ease painful falls.

Exercising ensures:

  • Strong and flexible leg muscles
  • Improved balance
  • Increase in exercise endurance

This guide lists the best exercises to assist seniors in strengthening their body stability and mobility. Before engaging in any exercise, ensure to consult your physician. In addition, incorporate a trainer or close friend/relative during training to curb slips or falls.

1. Sit-to-Stand

At Senior Helpers Long Beach, we recommend starting with a simple sit-to-stand exercise.

If done well and regularly, this exercise improves body mobility and leg strength, which are core when lowering the risks of falling.


  1. Sit on a sturdy chair or bench of standard height in a firm position. Ensure the feet can comfortably touch the ground. In addition, have a firm surface in place for support in case of imbalance.
  2. In slow movements, slide your body weight forward in a standing position and ensure to squeeze your glute muscles.
  3. Resume the sitting position and repeat this ten times.

For better results, we recommend seniors perform this exercise twice a day. For an advanced level, hold weights for increased resistance.

2. Step-Up

Step-ups strengthen the glute muscles and the upper and lower legs.

This exercise requires using a sturdy stool or bench. A staircase is also perfect as the handrail acts as a support beacon if a fall happens.


Performing this exercise requires a trainer or someone who can assist with support.

  1. Place the left leg on the surface and follow with the right leg, then return the right leg to the floor. Ensure the left foot stays put the entire time.
  2. After performing ten repetitions, switch positions and use the right leg.

It's imperative to note this exercise can be easy or challenging depending on the step height. A shorter step is easy to perform, while a higher step is challenging.

3. Clock Reach

This exercise stresses the body's balance system, thus improving overall body posture. When done frequently, it strengthens your hips and ankles, which are crucial for body stability.


  1. Place a chair firmly on the ground and hold on to it. Imagine standing in the clock's center with the number 12 in front of you and the number 6 behind you.
  2. Stand on your right leg and lift your right arm toward the number 12 position.
  3. Move your arm to number three and then to number 6.
  4. Move your arm to number 3 and finally to number 12.

Ensure to face straight ahead when performing this exercise. Repeat three times a day.


Incorporating exercises into your daily life is a great way to stay in shape for healthy living.

If you or a loved one require a caregiver to assist with companion care, meal planning, or other companion and in-home care services, Senior Helpers Long Beach has a comprehensive array of programs and services that support aging-in-place.

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