Can You File Taxes on Behalf of Senior Parents: Tips for Family Caregivers
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Can You File Taxes on Behalf of Senior Parents: Tips for Family Caregivers

It's not uncommon for seniors to feel overwhelmed by the complexity of filing taxes or to be unable to handle them on their own. It is where family caregivers can step in to provide support and assistance. 

In this blog post from Senior Helpers Long Beach, we will address the questions and concerns you may have when helping your senior parent navigate their taxes. We'll discuss how much you can assist, the role of power of attorney, and offer tips on talking to your elderly family members about estate and financial management.

How Much Can You Assist With Taxes?

You'll need to determine the level of assistance your senior parent requires regarding tax filing. Some seniors may only need help with simple tasks, such as gathering documents or using tax software, while others may face more complex tax situations that require a professional's expertise. 

Identifying potential tax deductions and credits specific to seniors, such as medical expense deductions or retirement savings credits, can also provide your parent with significant financial relief. However, understand the limits of your role, and consult with a tax professional when necessary to ensure you are following legal and ethical guidelines.

The Role of Power of Attorney in Tax Responsibilities

One way to act on your senior parent's financial behalf is by obtaining a power of attorney (POA), a legal document granting you the authority to make decisions and take action for them, including handling their taxes. There are different types of POA to consider:

  • General power of attorney grants the caregiver broad powers to act on the senior's behalf, including managing financial and business transactions.
  • Durable power of attorney, unlike general POA, durable POA remains in effect even if the senior becomes mentally incapacitated. It can be especially helpful in navigating financial and healthcare decisions.
  • Limited or special power of attorney limits the caregiver's authority to specific tasks or situations, such as filing taxes or selling property.

To obtain a POA, you must follow your state's legal requirements and have a clear and open discussion with your senior parent about this decision. They should understand the implications of granting a POA and feel comfortable trusting you with the responsibility.

Have Conversations About Financial Management

Open and honest communication is also crucial when discussing estate and financial management with elderly family members. 

Specific topics to discuss during these conversations include estate planning, potential tax deductions and credits, and long-term care planning. These discussions can help you better understand your parent's financial situation and allow you to assist them with tax filing and other financial concerns effectively.

How to Help Your Senior Parent File Taxes

To successfully file taxes on behalf of your senior parent, follow these steps:

  • Gather all necessary documentation: Collect income statements, expense receipts, and previous tax returns to ensure you have all the information you need for accurate tax filing.
  • Utilize available resources: Tax preparation software, free tax assistance programs for seniors, and professional tax preparers can provide valuable support in navigating the tax filing process.
  • Stay organized and maintain good records: Develop a filing system for tax documents and keep track of deadlines to avoid potential penalties.

Senior Helpers Provides Personalized Caregiving Services

Understanding your role, obtaining the appropriate legal authority, and maintaining open communication with your parent can help ensure their financial well-being and peace of mind. If you reside in Long Beach, Carson, Avalon, Signal Hill, or Compton, contact Senior Helpers Long Beach for support and assistance with caregiving and other services for your senior loved ones.