5 Ways to Help Seniors Stay Cool in Summer
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Serving Cameron Park and surrounding areas.
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5 Ways to Help Seniors Stay Cool in Summer

Enjoying an ice cream cone or a relaxed barbecue is a beloved pastime for many of us during the dog days of summer. However, the summer heat can present some unique challenges, especially for seniors. The high temperatures can not only be uncomfortable but can also pose serious health risks, like heat stroke or dehydration, to older adults. 

As a caregiver, figuring out how to keep them cool and safe should be at the top of your summer to-do list. Senior Helpers Cameron Park - El Dorado County is here to help, providing practical tips and strategies to help seniors beat the heat and enjoy their summer in comfort.

Importance of a Cool Indoor Environment

When summer temperatures soar, maintaining a cool indoor environment becomes crucial. Air conditioning and fans are your best allies here. It's recommended to keep the thermostat set between 72 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. 

If air conditioning is not available, strategically placed fans can circulate air and make a significant difference. Don't forget to close curtains and blinds, particularly during peak heat hours to keep the sun's rays from heating up the indoors.

Encouraging Hydration

Hydration is key to staying cool and avoiding heat-related illnesses. Seniors might not always feel thirsty, so it's up to the caregiver to encourage regular fluid intake. Make sure water is within reach. Try livening up their water with a slice of lemon or mint or offer hydrating foods like watermelon or cucumber. Milk, juice, decaffeinated tea, or coffee can also help with fluid intake.

Dressing in Light, Breathable Clothing

The right choice of clothing can significantly impact how a person feels in the heat. Light-colored clothing made of natural, breathable materials like cotton can help seniors stay cooler. Loose fits are preferable as they allow air to circulate, helping sweat evaporate and cool the body down.

Scheduling Outdoor Activities During Cooler Parts of the Day

If your senior loved one enjoys the outdoors (and who doesn't!), make sure to schedule these activities during the cooler parts of the day. Early morning and late evening are usually best to avoid the peak heat. Hats and sunglasses are a must for sun protection, and a sprinkling of sunscreen wouldn't hurt either!

Additional Tips for Staying Cool

When the mercury shoots up, simple activities like taking a cool shower or a dip in the pool can provide relief. Moreover, remind seniors to take regular breaks in a cool spot if they are engaged in physical activity. It's also essential to recognize any signs of heat-related illnesses such as fatigue, dizziness, or confusion, which require immediate attention.

Senior Helpers Provides Support and Care

While summer is a time for fun and relaxation, the increased temperatures can be uncomfortable and even dangerous for seniors. By following these tips, caregivers can ensure that their loved ones remain cool, hydrated, and safe. 

For those living in Cameron Park, Sacramento, El Dorado County, Shingle Springs, and the surrounding areas, remember that Senior Helpers is here to offer professional caregiving support. Contact us for any senior care services you need!