5 Ways for Seniors to Share Their Expertise in the Community
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Serving Bakersfield and surrounding areas.
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5 Ways for Seniors to Share Their Expertise in the Community

As we get older, our knowledge and experiences continue to grow, making seniors valuable assets to their communities. Senior Helpers Bakersfield recognizes this and wants to help seniors stay active and involved. 

This article from Senior Helpers Bakersfield will discuss various ways for seniors in Bakersfield, Delano, Frazier Park, Kern County, Lamont, McFarland, Shafter, Taft, Wasco, and Wofford Heights to share their professional or hobby expertise with those around them.

Mentoring Programs

A great way for seniors to share their expertise is through mentoring programs. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kern County allows seniors to guide local youths by offering advice based on their personal and professional experiences. To become a mentor, just contact the organization and express your interest in participating.

Bakersfield College's Mentorship Program also offers seniors the chance to support students on their educational journeys. Seniors can provide guidance on different aspects of college life and potential career paths, drawing from their own experiences.

Library Events

Local libraries, like Beale Memorial Library, Delano Branch Library, and Frazier Park Branch Library, host various events, workshops, and presentations throughout the year. These provide plenty of opportunities for seniors to share their expertise. If you have a particular subject or skill you'd like to teach or showcase, reach out to your local library to discuss possible involvement.

Community Centers and Senior Centers

Community centers and senior centers also provide activities and events where seniors can share their knowledge. At Bakersfield Senior Center, seniors can volunteer to lead classes or workshops related to their area of expertise, such as crafting, gardening, or a specific field of study.

Delano and Frazier Park seniors can also take advantage of their local senior centers and community centers. Reach out to these organizations to explore different ways to contribute your skills and knowledge.

Volunteer Opportunities

Local museums, animal shelters, and nonprofits always need volunteers with specific skills and expertise. Bakersfield Museum of Art welcomes those with a background in art or art education to lead workshops, give tours, or help with events.

Kern County Animal Services is perfect for seniors with expertise in animal care, training, or veterinary services. Volunteering here can offer invaluable guidance and improve the lives of animals in the community.

Teaching Classes or Workshops

Seniors can also share their expertise by teaching classes or workshops through adult schools and community colleges. Bakersfield Adult School, Delano Adult School, and Taft College Community Education offer various courses and are always looking for instructors. Contact these institutions to discuss your area of expertise and the possibility of teaching a class.

Start Your Journey With Senior Helpers Today

Seniors have plenty of knowledge and experience to share, and there are numerous ways for them to contribute to their communities. Whether mentoring, teaching, or volunteering, their contributions can make a significant impact on the lives of others.

For seniors in Bakersfield, Delano, Frazier Park, Kern County, Lamont, McFarland, Shafter, Taft, Wasco, or Wofford Heights looking for more opportunities to get involved, contact Senior Helpers Bakersfield. We provide premium senior care services that can help you get involved with the community around you!