Three Exciting Outdoor Exercises For Seniors
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Serving Tempe and the Surrounding Areas
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Three Exciting Outdoor Exercises For Seniors

With the winter months drawing to a close and spring and summer around the corner, why not utilize this great weather for outdoor exercises. As your loved ones age, they may struggle to find suitable activities to stay fit and keep active. However, they mustn’t become overly sedentary. Many studies have shown that regular exercise has both mental and physical benefits, ranging from mood boosts and stress relief to fitter bodies and less chronic pain. Thus we have compiled some exercises that are perfect for older adults that are fulfilling yet not too strenuous.


One good way to make the best of the sunny weather is by exploring your nearby local parks. Be sure to find an area that has suitable terrain that is not too rocky on uneven so that your loved ones have an enjoyable experience. Hiking helps keep them physically up and about while taking in the calming and soothing environment of the outdoors. Hiking and similar exercises have also been shown to improve blood circulation which decreases stiffness in joints. It is also a good way for them to socialize if they can find like-minded individuals who also enjoy hiking.

Agility Drills

Another option for older adults is agility drills. These include skipping, side shuffles, stretching, and balancing exercises. Not only do these count as drills that can improve their overall stamina and cardiovascular health, but they also strengthen their core. It also improves agility which can help as aging often decreases flexibility. Similar exercises like weight lifting and pilates also improve balance. This is useful since aging also affects balance and makes some more prone to falling. Hence, these exercises help to combat the side effects of aging! They can do these exercises in a shady area of a park in 5 to 10 minute intervals with sufficient breaks in between. Ensure they do not over-exert themselves.

Playing with a Pet Dog

One more way to get a breath of fresh air is taking a family pet out for daily walks. Kill two birds with one stone by allowing your loved one to get some exercise while also letting the family dog go on a quick stroll. Not only does this benefit your loved one by getting them up and about, but spending time with a pet has been shown to give people a boost of serotonin. Pets can also help relieve stress, lower blood pressure, and feel less isolated or lonely. They can even play games such as fetch together! However, do ensure that your loved one is capable of handling the pet. If the pet is overly boisterous it may be too taxing, causing unwanted physical strain.

To conclude, outdoor activities and exercises are a great way for older folks to keep fit and physically stay active, The outdoors is also a good switch up in environments, especially if they are often cooped up at home. So, be sure to encourage your loved ones to take some time out of their day to step outdoors!