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Senior Helpers of Tempe Equips Caregivers with Proper PPE

Should home-care workers wear a face mask at their client's home during the COVID-19 pandemic?


At Senior Helpers of Tempe, our utmost priority is always the health and safety of our clients, their families, and our employees. Due to the risk of a group setting, you may be considering discharging your loved one from a senior care community to be cared for at home. We are here to help. We have provided all of our caregivers with proper PPE.

Q:"There are two home care workers who come to my parents' home (one during the week and the other on the weekend), and neither of them wear a face mask in my parents' house. Both of these workers are around other people outside of my parents' house, because they go to the grocery store, they share their home with their spouse/boyfriend, children. However, there's no rule in our state requiring that home care workers wear a face mask.

Should the workers be wearing face masks as a precaution to prevent spreading the virus in the homes of their elderly clients? If you are a home care worker, have you been wearing a face mask at your client's home? By the way, I realize what a pain it is to wear a mask: they are hard to breathe through, they get hot, they're annoying & can be uncomfortable. But this is about protecting the clients (who are already isolated in their homes during the virus) from outside exposure."

A: "My mother has an RN visit each week. I asked if she would wear a mask while treating my mother. This was at the start of the pandemic. No problem with nurse wearing a mask. I put a mask on my mother while she is being treated. I would asked the home health workers to wear a mask, it is in the best interest of your parents safety."

"Absolutely yes! If they are from an agency, I would recommend you call and ask the agency how they are educating, screening, testing, and training their staff when it comes to COVID-19. How are they limiting risks of exposure to their clients? Are these workers wearing disposable gloves? Are they supplied with masks? What kind? Do they wash their hands immediately upon entering the home before donning gloves? Do they take their temp before work? Are they sure not to come to work even with a "cold?""

"Yes they should! As the owner of my Home Care Agency ALL of my employees MUST wear face mask and gloves when going into a client's home while providing services. We want to make sure everyone is safe in every direction."

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