How do you handle when the suggestion is always that you, the caregiver, need to do more!?
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Serving Tempe and the Surrounding Areas
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How do you handle when the suggestion is always that you, the caregiver, need to do more!?

Written by Molly-An Overwhelmed Family Caregiver and New Senior Helpers Client

This is both a question and a vent, but it just happened again and I'm irritated.

(Dad is maybe early dementia but the diagnosis is not clear, lots of health problems, in AL near me. I am POA, healthcare proxy, handle his appointments, finances, shopping, freakouts, major health crises etc. We have a weekly dinner with him at my house or a restaurant, celebrate all holidays, and invite him along when family is in town)

Dad talked to my only sibling that speaks to him and said now that it's spring, he wants to get out more. Her solution? (Since she lives in another state.) I should arrange weekend outings for him to local museums and attractions. She told him this, and he told me.

My husband and I both work full time. We have a teenage daughter. Our weekends are full of her school activities, catching up on work, errands, cleaning, maybe if we are lucky a date night or drinks with friends. Now I'm supposed to arrange a special outing for my Dad who I already see multiple times a week for his appointments, and have dinner with every Weds. I also speak to him daily and do all the doctor calls, pay his bills… but no, now I have to arrange to take him to a museum or something every Saturday because he told my sister he's bored.

I seriously hate this…. However….

We recently started working with Senior Helpers of Tempe and things have got significantly better. I have more time for myself and my family while not feeling guilty about leaving my father. I would highly recommend Senior Helpers of Tempe.